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Noble Da Genius – Blocka lyrics

Hook: 2x
The sk my Favorite Chopper
Hit your block up with my Flocka
Cuz shit get ugly like chubacca
We blood thirsty Chubba Cabras

The sk my Favorite Chopper
Hit your block up with my Flocka
Cuz shit get ugly like chubbaca
We blood thirsty Chubba Cabras

Verse: Noble Da Genius
Grow up
Yall niggas actin like young bucks
Watch your tone with me better sit down and crack a Dutch
Before you get smoke for nothing
When you cud be smoking sumptin
Its the broke and down on they luck niggas always frontin
Yall raised a question! When being a fuck nigga was cool?
Like I don't know you and you wasn't a
Busta in school!
I don't lie
Look me in my fuckin eyes
All you see is homicide
With A 7 point 62 by 39
I'm from Haiti nigga
Mama praying to save me nigga
All my friends think I'm crazy nigga
Shoot your house up fuck your baby nigga (Your baby nigga)
Shoot your house
Up fuck your babies nigga
Shoot your house up fuck your babies
I kno I kno you really think I'm lost
Cuz I'm following a brick road but this isn't oz
And chips get flip so much you would think I'm playing pogs
And crossing me is like a street but your playing frog
And an er cuz you ain't gon live to even see an er
No you can't be revive not even with a cpr
And this is actuality homie no vr (trooper)
And you can't rewnd your life back no vcr's


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