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Nanu Alidina – Complexion lyrics

(What the fuck?)
Could you please get the… haha
Nanu Alidina (Celestial Symphony)

Could you please get the fuck out of my complexion (I mean)
All I see is god complex in my reflection (I mean)
All I see is people dying, police toting’ weapons
I don’t think you want no problems, I got non’ to lose my bregin,
Don’t you

Look for no punchlines I’m dumb hard, my shit’s art
These bitches, want status I’m a kick start but my dick smart (and they
Fish tart, so)
What the fuck am I doin’ that fo?
Huh? Drop a couple bands fo’? heh
What the fuck you mad fo’, killa?

You ain’t ever tote a glock, why you asking’ trouble?
You ain’t asking’ to subtle
Seem like you asking’ for double, uh

You ain’t ever smoked no opps
Why you talking’ a lot?
You don’t know what you talking’ about
‘Cause I can walk in your block (woo!)

Get it poppin’ on the spot
Why you salty when I drop?
And my mans don’t dance
But made a millie from the rock
And you think you really hot?!
Boy I think you really flop
And my style ain’t free, but I get it off the top

When’s the last time you seen a motherfucker like me?
Fuck it though I’m really with it, goin’ low-key
Fuck it though, I’m really with it, smoking’ OG
Don’t you act like a motherfucker really known me

Chorus: x2

I’m vibin’ can’t you see I’m vibin’?
Can’t you see I’m…?

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