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Nanu Alidina – 6 Gang lyrics

Gang, gang, gang (laughter)
You mean… (ay, aw man!)
You ain’t heard about the gang? (what?)
(Celestial Symphony)

All this money and all these people just look alike (chyeah, uh)
Don’t copy our style, I promise we wild, you just a look alike (gang!)
Don’t look for the fade, I promise that you shouldn’t look to fight (no!)
‘Cause you want that beef, we could drop yo teeth & we’ll show you how to motherfuckin’ cook tonight

Fucked her so good that she called me a pornstar, (skrr!)
Then I swerved out the bitch like a sports car (vroom!)
Used to be down at the sports bar
Now I’m the city, turning’ up tryna go far (why?)

I ain’t down for a bitch
I be down for the money, motherfucker I was born hard
Talkin’ to my hater, better tell him where the doors are
And if he don’t listen, show his face where the floors are (woo!)

Six, six, six, six, six, six, gang shit
You get dismissed, that’s an arranged hit
Bang shit, ‘cause we never trust y’all we stay clear
This gang shit fo’ life dawg, my homeboys they stay near ay! (woo!)

Chorus: x1
416-gang shit (uhooh!)
That’s an arranged hit (oh! hey!)
When we come around, don’t say shit
Unless you on some gang shit
Okay bitch?
(Celestial Symphony)

Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, 6
Y’all just talk that bullshit, always on some strange shit (on some bullshit!)
My team ain’t super hard, just on some gone insane shit
The type to findya soul and quickly rip it out your face shit, uh!

And it ain’t no joke
Go against us and there ain’t no hope (why?)
Yeah, got a 6 man here
Put it down like it’s motherfuckin’ quick-sand here, chyeah (woo!)

Yeah, can’t stand right here,
‘Cause we on that bomb shit that we plant right here
& a nice bomb bitch, got her ass quite near
I ain’t even want the pussy, just the cash right here

The fuck you think that I do it for
Just tryna to live my life life, trust
Work for this and I earn for this and
I get what I like, must!

Ride around in that big body, like Tyson
This gang shit fo life dawg & my loyalty is for life son (woo!)

416-gang shit (uhooh!)
That’s an arranged hit (oh, hey!)
When we come around, don’t say shit
Unless you on some gang shit
Okay bitch?
(Celestial Symphony)

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