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Mr. Criminal
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Mr. Criminal

Watch Me Rise lyrics

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Mr. Criminal – Watch Me Rise lyrics

You Already Know
Mr. Criminal
The Baddest
2008 Status
Now I've Been Putting in The Game
On Motherfuckin Work
For a Gang Motherfuckin Years
There's Only One Motherfuckin Thing
To Do
So I Just Want Everyone Just To Lean Back
And Just...

Watch Me RISE
To That Power(Hahaha)
To That Power
To That Power(Yeah)
Watch Me RISE
(That's Right Homie)
To That Power
To That Power
To That Power
(It's Crime Time Ese)
Watch Me RISE
To That Power
To That Power
To That Power
Watch Me RISE
To That Power
Them Barking Don't Bother Me
I'll Be Bombing For They Bite Me

Their Barking Don't Bother Me
I'll Be Bombing For They Bite Me
A lot of Fools Dislike Me
But None of them Wanna fight Me
I Might Be
One of The Sickest in this Rap Game
What The Fucks His Name?
Mr. Criminals Who to Blame
I Caught Your Name
To Take Over The Throne
Who's The Next After Lil' Rob
And The Homie Capone
I've Shown
I've Thrown
I've Blown... The Competition
I Hold
My Own
My Zone... My Proposion
Ain't No Slowing Me
No Stopping Me
Fools be Flowing so Slobbly
Locking it Down
Like Staying Proper G
While Everyone's Watching Me
Haters Blocking Me
While their Hynas Be
Jocking Me
Fools Be Happy To Stand On Letters
Just To feel Their On Top Off Me
I Ain't bullshiting
Straight From The Heart that I'm Spitting
From Every Soul That was Lost
To All My Homies in Prison
I Be Comin Up On Who's
Running Up
Officially Start To Start The enterprise
Just Make Them Open Their Eyes So They Can All Just...

Watch Me RISE
To That Power
To That Power
To That Power
Watch Me RISE
To That Power
To That Power
To That Power
Watch Me RISE
To That Power
To That Power
To That Power
Watch Me RISE
To That Power
Them Barking Don't Bother Me
I'll Be Bombing For They Bite Me

Watch Me RISE
Into a Whole Different Position
A Different Racket
A Different Whole Division
A Different Vision
Sent On My Different Mission
Still on The Come Up
Because I Trusted My Intuition
Watch Me RISE
I Started Humble as a Soldier
Keeping my Composure
Traveling Popping Other Bosures
The Gang Banging Hours
Now There's No Turning Back
To The Talking I Promise
Cause These Blood Sweating Tears
Will Communilated Over The Years
Me And My Dogs Just Show No Fear
Ambition, Determination,
Got me Lacing The Nation
With This Click Clacking Base
That You Got in Your Face
Enjoy The Fruits Of my Sick Sound
Haters Will Hate
But Honestly I Give a Fuck less
And Fuck Stress
There's Nothing But Cush
When I'm Getting High
So I Can Blow it In Your Eyes
So You Can All Just

Watch Me RISE

Let me tell you a little story about
A little knvekle headed kid
Getting in truble and cocked up from
All the shit he did. Turn on the stress
Into rhymes as a drug adolecent
Said fuck being broke this is my actions
Sterted to take the game into his
Vein with the vengence slowly coming
Up with patience lyrics perfected then
He started producing some beats at
First his shit was okbut now he is producing some heat.
And I know he grew up
Alone look at this shit I found on the internet
He had the fools in his home in a different zone
I heard he fucked with spider lock.
With 50 cent and mob deep - I've seen him on
T.v. lil flip from houston connected
And one of his homies even fucked with
Dub-c the son of easy-e n.c.a. Comptones most wanted
All on his beats all beats all on his features
I see him rolling benzes and deemers them hi power
Boys don't play packing them haters 9 milimiters
Street with infrared beemers
Expelled catening cases still catching and
Beat'em I heard I got resigned. Never got
His gang tight stiil in touch with his homies
From the motherfucker madglock and at the same time I heard he broke
Lies put them infront of theirs eyes so they can all just watch me rise

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