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Mr. Criminal – Sick Thoughts lyrics

Sick thoughts just travel through my membrane
Take a toke of maryjane just to keep tain
Don't push me cuz I'm close to the edge
Got a nine millimeter and it's screaming out death
Seen a lot of blood she'd in the night time
Honestly, I aint in my right mind
I've been subjected through the streets all neglected
And through the streets it's how I got respected
I've been connected to all sorts of crime
In the span of 25 years a short life time
A gang of robberies
A couple of kidnaps
See me flossing these the foos have been jacked
I been wanted for all types of shit
Arrested at an early age what type of life is this
I been shackled from my feet up and hand cuffed
Can't use excuses cuz we always prove to have it rough
I've been shot at, stabbed, and shot back
A couple of homies that could not be brought back
And that's that, that's life
A couple of older homies got 25 to life
All over gun fights all in the sunlight
They never made it out to see them summer nights
Cuz we all brown and down and proud of how we live
Still roll around the spots like I don't give a shit
Knowing foos wanna split me
But I keep a stap by my side so why not come and get me
I still refuse to lose
Walking around with a 12 guage 9 and a 22
I don't trip of the bullshit
Levas talk shit fuk em homie
I got a full clip
I'd rather be caught with it then without it
I'd rather live in a cell than in the ground trick
So I will not, cannot, and wont stop
No matter what happens in life I wont flop
I've got kids to feed I've got bills to play
Until they take care of that fuck what they say
As far as I know I've figured out survival
And in any second I could be dead and not know
So I stroll with my head in the clouds
And tell em haters aint no taking me out

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