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Master-Boyz TRN – Toilet Mouth lyrics

Geeked-Up Records nigga
Hustler Beats on the track
Master-Boyz right here
Do you respect motherland? This is the answer of your question... Let's Go!

Speakin' mind, speakin' mine
Epileptic flow, pity goin' for the low
Everybody gonna know
Why they callin' me negro
Fed up wit' em fake ass liars
Talkin' loud 'bout poverty but burstin' homes to fire
Like offerin' some flowers
To a lady out the shower
And they can't deny it
But they won't allow it
Where the fuck we livin' at?
Do we deserve all this crap?
Dancin' brazilians, naked at the beach
Blowin' money like we're rich
Not mad, not pissed but fuckin' disappointed
Wanna slap em each, wanna strap em each
You see dirty kids askin' coins to the streets
They get slaps, they get stabbed
They get pushed to the bush
Growin' up no choice but the kush
Some accuse grannies and pappies for their toss
But 99 P's on that earth caused that loss
Some tryna forget sayin' that they the boss
Started from the bottom of the thing, check how much it's clear
You'll see the well ain't that near
The taller's the queen of queers
Poisoned everythin' all around we sufferin'
But that motherfucka took it for himself
Raisin' funds on our land like a thief
Secretly known as a bitchy gay milf
Cashed out that lot called it a gift
Never asked but he did, all this indeed
Damn it!
Old mommas cry but they ain't heard
Broken roads scream but they ain't heard
Healthy hopes walk but they all burnt
Mr. Stupid Head, what's next to serve?
Ain't afraid of usin' my toilet mouth
Spittin' what's true in our House
Country of felicity, shit, kiss my ass
We got brains but they ditch 'em task
I can't lose my test
Because I ain't the rest
They force us to wear a mask
But we all know how look our past

They don't wanna give money to people, the needy people
They don't wanna help people
But they spend a lot of money for naked bitches comin' in our beach
I fuck all the niggaz who approve all they do, nigga
The country is on fire

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