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Master-Boyz TRN – Lights Of Heaven lyrics

God sends the lights of Heaven and I'm the proof of it

Verse 1:
I've been hidden from the stars
Plugged in the dark my things couldn't start like a crashed car
Was left there like behind the bars
Prayed a lot then God made me big like mars
Used to be under dogs and laughed about
Couldn't think I'd be taken upside with lights
My world was cold I was buried with ice
Then faith called my number this was the sacrifice
Unleashed from the prison I'm gettin' off chains
Cause God doesn't want me to waste this chance
Vowed to success that's typed in my mind
Once spoiled life ain't on mode to rewind
Gotta be careful for the steps forward
Y'all might be wondering "for what?"
It's not easy to admit you're bad or not
And if you ever did it you gotta choose the rest... So what?

Chorus x2:
Ain't a choice to shine or something You gotta be blessed and only God
Sends the lights of Heaven

Verse 2:
Renewed by the wish of my lord I admit it for him
Saved my pride so I don't fall into evil experiments
To you I am just a young boy with a dream not to him
Didn't light up the path on my own because I can't
It's taking time before things get settled
My flow is boiling hard like in a kettle
Been working a lot to be considered
God sees good actions they be remembered
Havin' him in my thoughts' like I'm wearing diamonds
He always Got a shoulder I can give cries on
Better shine with his lights than staying silent
Gotta thank the Lord even though I left his magnet
Sensation I can't get enough like cocaine
The only way I can be clean with all the fame
Making faith pregnant Of his blessings my soul be wet
Injured by all but not by my lord so yeah

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