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Kurtis Blow – I'm Chillin' lyrics

Chill out! Transformers, born to meet the skies.
Transformers, more than meet the eyes.
T-Bone! Go, go, Kurtis Blow y'all. Gimme the bomb! I'm chillin'.
Go through it! Dance!
Now the next little item that I wanna discuss is the body-suckin' rappers
That must be smokin' dust
When you make the kinda records that diss females – frontin' on a story
When it's just a tall tale.
To diss a female is a lowdown shame, but you suckers make the records
'Cause you wanna get fame.
All you radio cats: don't play that crap. Can't you see they're messin' up
In all the name of the rap.
Now all these years rappers worked so hard to give rapping a name and all
You rappers a job,
But now you peasy-head B-boys get me upset when you diss around and cut and
Then you just defect.
Don't forget Latoya and the real Roxanne. Can't you think of something
Else, you know what I'm sayin'?
But all you mc's just keep on illin'. That's okay, 'cause I'm chillin'.
Transformers – Dance! -- born to meet the skies. I'm chillin'.
Gimme the bomb!
Now wherever you go I just want you to know that I'm running the show at
Twenty below.
So let me tell you what it takes 'cause the others fake, it must've been
Imitate but those are the breaks.
I'm a Leo the Lion, the lion with desire, when I'm rappin' on the mic I set
The world on fire.
Devastatin', motivatin', complicatin', perpatratin' rappers who want to be
On top.
Stop! Can't you see me in trouble bo? It's rockin' the spot, yeah!
And don't you ever forget it trooper! Workin' all day, it's time for
Superman just to give you a break
Along with a go-go band, yes yes y'all. Can't you understand? What's the
Name of this jam?
I'm chillin'.
Get funky.
To the bridge!
Get ready for it y'all. Get ready baby.
Awright y'all. Awright. Here we go y'all.
Here I go, here I go y'all. Say what?
I said dance! I'm chillin'.

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