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Kim Ah Joong – Byul (OST 200 Pounds Beauty) lyrics

Param-kyori cha-ngeu-heun-teul-go
Nae kiman-han cha-gun naye bang wi-ro
Arum-taun-ke pyul-bit-durun
Kaduk chae-wo-chuneyo
Sel-su-obshi manhunt pyul-tu-reun
Ji-chyo-in-nun na-reul oru-man-chimyo
Nae mam-soge katok tamun
Nun-mul tak-ka shu-neyo
Man-hyi apa-ha-ji-ma
Nal kkung anun-chae
Tado-kyojumyo chal-jara
Wero-hae ju-neyo
Goshi mo-thal man-kum
Hime gyowa apa-wado
Nun-muri a-peul kar-yowado
Gatchi-mothan nae sarang apedo
Na usul-lae-yu
Cham-shira-do gyote
Haeng-bo-khaet-don giok-turul
Ga-sume gan-ji-khal-kkeyo
Tunune sunoh-a-jin
Cho pyol-deul-cho-rom yongwonhi
Kkumul kku-deut taka-uneyo
Yu-nu-nhi-do balkun naye byol hana
Nunbu-shi-mi panjja-gimyo
Okkae-wiro naer-yo-wa
Jakku sulpo-hajima
Son kkong chabun-chae
Nal manchyo-jumyo
Tta-seu-hi nal kamssa-shu-neyo
Goshi mo-thal man-kum
Hime gyowa apa-wado
Nun-muri a-peul kar-yowado
Gatchi-mothan nae sarang apedo
Na usul-lae-yu
Cham-shira-do gyote
Haeng-bo-khaet-don giok-turul
Ga-seum-soge gan-chikhal-kke-yo
Tunune sunoh-ajin
Cho pyol-deul-chorom ooohhhh
Na onul-manun anu-royu
Nun-muri kadokchowado
Chogi cho byol-deul-chorom
Na u-seul-lae-yo ooohhhh
Haeng-bokhaet-don giok-modu
Ga-sume gan-ji-khal-kkeyo
Tunune sunoh-a-jin
Cho pyon-deul-cho-rom

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  • u
    Wow! What a song! Its lucky I had a box of tissues ready! Indeed this song is sad but its also a song to inspire the people who not only do they think that loving someone will never work because they just can't be together, its also about how even though your dreams will never be able to come true or it will never be within your reach, doesn't mean its over. Just because that can't happen you don't have t sit in the dark forever. Find some inspirational things to keep you going because every life counts!
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  • s
    I relate this song it's so very emotional and the meanings were meant to the person whom they had a goals to achieve. I rarely salute to the person who wrote this inspiring song. When I heard the intro I felt my heart were crumpled. I'm sooo emotional when I listen to this song. Keep it up writer on this song I salute you also the singer I'm pro of yall :).
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  • u
    This song is mainly about having your love in thought but not being able to be with them. It is to show the feeling of not being able to show or tell them because you are a reject so you hide it. The English translation for the chorus is her legs are to week to go on and her tears are blurring her vision. She can't stand loving and not being loved back but she can't help but love him anyway. It is her heart and soul, personal thoughts and experiences of hers were made to do this. In the movie she said she wrote the song by looking up into the sky. But this song made me cry a river.
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  • r
    It's about cherishing your "bright" moments in your heart and not letting the "dark" ones get in the way of your dreams for better or for worse. The stars became her inspiration to achieve her dreams and I think she used the stars because just like those bright "diamonds" in the sky, her dreams are not always there and are not always within her reach. =)
    Indeed, this song is very inspirational.
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