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Kalisia – Down Below (Confusion / Resurrection) lyrics

"Inside this odd creation
We wait for revelation"

But Royth has maybe now found some answers
Concealed in the shadow
A hole-way leading to the depths of his world
Down, revelation

Now he sees that he won't climb back
Numb with cold, he's feeling heavier and heavier
Fear - tears - sadness - distress - gravity - obscurity
Fall - drop - fall - down


Royth awakes, floating in the air
Once again he's feeling despair
In the darkness, there is nowhere he could fly to

He is starting to feel prostration
Wounded, hoping for salvation

Now Royth is wondering where is the answer
Concealed in the shadow
He's here now, lost into the depths of this world
Down, salvation

"In the night, I feel warmth"

"Await for salvation"

[Royth's inner voice:]
"Open your eyes and gaze upon this crimson sun
Look around you and listen
The truth is out there

I sense in you so much confusion
These cocoons are primeval"

Sleeping, floating, frozen, lying
Cryogenic bodies frozen everywhere

"I can feel the outcome
Soon our quest will come to an end
And our kind will establish it's new home...
But what unforeseen events are awaiting us?
Will Lithos own the planet of our dreams?
I hope our young ones are ready..."

Soon, the hypothermal bodies of those grown up Kreis will be brought back to life again.
These were some of Khaldas' most important personalities: scientists, artists, politicians, mediums and warriors...
In the process, some of their brains will not completely recover and will leave them in a dreamless sleep...
Among the ones who'll survive, Dokkh, and old eccentric scientist, will have to explain to the young Kreis the history of their kind, their past and their uncertain future...

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