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John Mellencamp – What If I Came Knocking lyrics

Written by: John Mellencamp

What if I came knocking
On your front door some night?
Would you open the window
And drop me down the key?
What if I came knocking
On your bedpost that same night?
Would you open up your heart
Or try to get the best of me?

What if I came knocking
On your brain the next day
And ask for your truth and your love and your honesty?
Would you build up your big walls
And try to hide behind that smile
Or would you try to pull the wool right over me?

So what if I came knocking?
So what if I came knocking?
So what if I came kicking
And it scared you a little bit,
And I came on strong
Would you think
That there's something wrong with me?
Or could it be your fears
Of trying something real
Or just afraid to touch
A guy like me?

What if I came knocking?
What if I came knocking?
What if I came knocking
On your front door some night? Ahh

So let's just say it worked out
Like a storybook dream
And we lived happily ever after.
Fa la la la.
But what if I came crying
After just a few weeks
And said I misread my heart,
This is not really meant to be? Yeah

So if you hear some knocking
On your window tonight
You can bet that it's probably me.
But let it be known
That we're just a pair of tumbling dice
And the outcome of these crap shoots
Is hard to see.

So what if I came knocking?
So what if I came knocking?
So what if I came knocking
On your front door tonight? Ahh
So what if I came knocking?
Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knocking
Kick, kick, kick
What if I came knocking
On your front porch tonight, tonight?

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    Hell I know what the meaning is. I was the good girl, beauty queen and "virgin". I fell in love with brad. The bad boy. There was nothing bad about him. Our relationship was unreal. He loved me more than any person has a right to and I returned it happily. Our relationship was toxic. Not in bad way, we just couldn't seem to get enough. Ever. My mom ask me why I didn't marry brad. I told her I wanted and love him the rest of my life. If I married him, I might not have him forever. I did huntil the day he died. We talked at lunch that day. I can't believe I can't kiss him. I wish he was at my window, I would definately drop down a key. Just I did many years ago. He was my best friend, lover, and secret keeper. When we were together nothing else mattered. I don't think our spouses liked it but that's too bad. Nothing would come between us. So ladies, if a great looking guy in a leather coat with a bad reputation comes knocking, trust me let him in.
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