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Jayne Nelsen – What It Really Is lyrics

It looks just like an old man and his old wife
Havin' lunch in the food court at the mall
He stumbles twice, she holds on tight
And he's embarrassed cuz he almost falls
It looks just like the sad end of a long life
But that ain't it at all

What it really is is a boy home from world war two
One leg pinned up on his uniform
Tryin' not to cry as he spit shines one black shoe
Scared she won't love him anymore
What it really is is the smile on her pretty young face
As he crutches down the gang plank and that kiss
That's burned from that day to this
That's what it really is

It looks just like a small town around twilight
And a couple pushin' a stroller up the street
They stop a while and the neighbors smile
At the baby's pretty little hands and feet
It looks just like just another brand new life
But that picture ain't complete

Cuz what it really is is one expert after another
Breakin' their hearts month after month
Tellin' her that she will never be a mother
And him that he will never hold a son
And what it really is is a waiting room and tears of joy
As he walks in with a little boy all his
His finger wrapped in a tiny little fist
That's what it really is

So much of what this life can be
All depends on what you see

It looks just like a long line of headlights
Rolling slowly down a rainy country road
A small casket white, a cold, windy graveside
And a family with such a heavy load
It looks just like the sad end of a short life
But the truth be told

What it really is is the first breath she's ever taken
That made her feel like she could fly
The grey skies above and the chains finally breakin'
And tellin' the pain goodbye
What it really is is running to her Savior's side
In a body glorified in bliss
As she slips her little hand into His
That's what it really is

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