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Jair Dynast – That's Us lyrics

I constantly victimize you victims cuz that's all you are to me
I'm the epitome of victory cataracts I make you blind to see
The injustice done to those forced to live in this type of meager poverty
Cuz of the color of they skin, they culture or is it just they ethnicity
Yes, we claim to be a democracy livin' in this free North American country
But society keeps tellin' me that these muthfuckas bin trying to lying to me
Constantly inundated with images n' visions of violence n' criminal activity
You'd think the news we watch was just another Quintin Tarantino movie

That's Us, Them niggaz on the block sell rock them guns
They Bus, Sixteen shots n' who we killin'
Just's Us, My niggaz can't stop til they we drop in the dust
We Must, Get this money is how we feelin we Must

[Verse 2:]
By any means necessary sell it to pregnant crack head Kerri
I mean it ain't your fault her baby's gonna be losing like democrat John Kerri
N' it's shit like this that upsets my stomach like drinking that past due dairy
It's crazy niggaz movin' more weight than Anna Nicole Smith sometimes carries
I know we just victims, product to this n' it's damn hard to be leery
Animal instinct nigga yah gotta hustle just to survive n' that we're doin barely
Fuck that other road traveled cuz uncertainty has got to be scary
So you stick to what we was taught works even though we know the results always vary


[Verse 3:]
I guess you can call this a movement the revolution code named Jair
Middle name Fidel like Castro standin' for my niggaz amidst poverty n' despair
They say hind site is 20/20 but my foresight is just as clear
They gonna be sayin' (voice change)"Why so heavy with the topics?
That ain't shit people wanna hear! "
That's Ludicris I'm a make y'all "Move Bitch", to a different drummer this year
While I'm screaming for recognition my mission is to cause utter mayhem up in here
When you listen to Jair it's like you seeing Revelations as if you was actually there
I'm perfect in my imperfections lets make that clear ain't nobody fuckin wit Jair

Gotta get this money anyway we know how
No matter who we affect or who we kill even if it's us.
Does that make sense?

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