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J Wess Project – What You Want lyrics


(J Wess)

(round 2)

(still bangin')

Keep the record playin'
Coast to coast
Keep the record playin'
North, south, east, west [x2]

(bring it)

[Chorus: Kulaia]
Couldn't wait to give you what chu want
J Wess told you that the best has yet to come
Got you shook (shook), and now he's got you stunned
He just couldn't wait to give you what chu want, hey

Saw your picture in a magazine
It's a photograph, from the music scene
Looking at-tacked, feeling bad
Lost, found, who's sound
I'm a puppet, yeah
Pull my strings, soothing movement
Make me dance
Yeah, I'll dance for you

Yo, yo, ask anyone out there, Lolly's no joke
When my stuff hits stores, everybody go broke
Want rhymes, got me, plus Digga to speak
Want beats, got J Wess bringin' the heat
Want fine chicks too, got me and Kulaia
An air tight camp couldn't be any flyer
I'm sick of pop songs all soundin' alike
So I've gotts work hard, put it down on the mic


Lookin' back to my history
In a mystery, how it came to me
A little money and a lot o' time
I gave all that's mine, now I got my sign
Ohhh, I'm not your puppet
Don't oull my strings, foll with this
I'll make you, yeah yeah yeah
Dance for me

Ring the alarm, coz J Wess be burnin'
And I'm the most noted Australian since Steve Irwin
24-7 I'm open to keep servin'
Digga rap smoking, and havin' your Jeep swervin'
Never be timid, just arrogant, keep working
Sell a few records, your status will be certain
Only give credit to rappers I see hurtin'
And the kid starts gossip in traffic, but he's worth it


[J Wess]
Oh, alright
I want everybody in the house to play along
And listen (let's go)

All my ladies in the back
Where you at, holla back
And, ahh.... Clap, clap
All my fellas in the front
Ante up and throw it up
And, ahh.... Clap, clap

All my fellas in the back
Where you at, holla back
And, ahh.... Clap, clap
All my ladies in the front
Ante up and throw it up
And, ahh.... Clap, clap

[Chorus x2]

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