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Horrible Histories – George IV Solo lyrics

I'm George iv, the regent king
Which means
I was just standing in
Acting king because my dad
George iii had gone barking mad!
palaces, I did design
Buckingham was one of mine
Art and fashion, I so rated
And wives? That's more complicated!

Actresses and duchesses
The great loves of my life
I loved more girls than I ate pies
But I couldn't stand my wife
(He couldn't stand his wife!
Go away!)

I only married Queen Caroline
When my debts began to climb
'Cause if I agreed to tie the knot
I said I'd pay off the lot!

But the wedding caused all
sorts of strife
'Cause I already had a wife
A divorced Catholic? Dad did sigh
But the mad old goat just wouldn't die!
(Still here! Oh, spoke too soon!
At last, I can go solo!)

As true king, my reign began
Though I was now older than your nan
And as the ruler of our nation
I banned
my wife from my coronation

And knowing now that I did hate her
She promptly died just three weeks later
But all those pies that I got through
Meant ten years later, I died too!
(Hello, have we met? I'm a kangaroo!)

Actresses, duchesses
The great loves of my life
I loved more girls than I ate pies
But I couldn't stand my wife
I had just ten years on the throne
Do you remember that?
No, all that you remember is...
I was really fat!

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