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Horrible Histories – Blackbeard's Song lyrics

[Verse 1]
When I was a nipper
I boarded a clipper
Sailed the seas as a goods importer, oh!

[Verse 2]
Edward Teach is my name
But I earned my fame
As Blackbeard the pirate of the water, oh!

[Verse 3]
Was a jolly chap
With a jaunty cap
Always gave my crew good quarter, oh!
But I'm best known for
Blood and guts and gore
And a vicious reign of murdering and slaughter, oh!

[Verse 4]
Best known for
Blood and guts and gore
And a vicious reign of murdering and slaughter, oh!

[Verse 5]
Left my home in Bristol
With a sword and pistol
Bid a fond farewell
To old Blighty, oh!

[Verse 6]
What my enemies feared
Was my thick, black beard
Which I always enjoyed
Setting light to, oh!

[Verse 7]
Once I had a thing
For a captive's lovely ring
That shone like a jewel in the nighty, oh!
When the man said no
I just said 'Oh! '
And chopped off his hand and said 'Rightio! '

Man said no
He said 'Oh! '
Chopped off his hand and said 'Rightio! '

[Verse 8]
Oh, I love to sail the ocean
With my flag that inspired emotion
With it's smiling pile of skull and bones
Smashing hearts with a violent stabbing motion

[Verse 9]
And I love to escape detection
And to win my crew's affection
Which was nothing to do with the twelve guns he wore
On his belt that were for protection

[Verse 10]
I was awfully nice
But I had the odd vice
Which occasionally caused a commotion
The thing that I'd do
Was shoot members of my crew
If they didn't show enough devotion

The thing he'd do
Was shoot members of the crew
If they didn't show enough devotion

[Verse 11]
Once when very irate
I shot my first mate, Israel Hans
For a bit of pleasure, oh!
And when my debt's grew
Killed half of my crew
To increase my share of the treasure, oh!

[Verse 12]
Was doing well then
Seemed to run out of men
My captives boarded at their leisure, oh!
Smoted me dead
Then cut off my head
And displayed it on my mast for good measure, oh

Smoted him dead
Chopped off his head
Displayed it on the mast for good measure, oh!

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