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Green Day – Redundant lyrics

We're living in repetition.
Content in the same old shtick again.
Now the routine's turning to contention,
Like a production line going over and over and over, roller

Now I cannot speak, I lost my voice.
I'm speechless and redundant.
'Cause I love you's not enough.
I'm lost for words.

Choreographed and lack of passion.
Prototypes of what we were.
Went full circle 'til I'm nauseous.
Taken for granted now.
Now I waste it, faked it, ate it, now I hate it.

Now I cannot speak, I lost my voice.
I'm speechless and redundant, 'cause I love you's not enough.
I'm lost for words, now I cannot speak

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  • v
    The song to me has the meaning of my last relationship it is hard to describe it but if you knew me and her you would know what I mean crystal never took the time to see that I love her she was always doing the same old stuff over and over again she left me and each time I would come back it was the same thing over and over again it wasnt enough to love her she always wanted more with out her I feel so lost I took all the crap she gave me because my love for her was true but blind to reality she never saw that.
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  • s
    I swear that green day writes the perfect songs to make me cope with my life! This song describes my damn marriage and I really wish He wasnt so opposed to my obnsession with green day since I have moved out (its been almost a year now and he can't seem to let go of me) but its so truthful love was not Enough for him, words somehow lost the meaning and I felt lost. I know this went on for at least 5 years. So repition is so true! I must say Green day is/has been my one true love in life! I know that sounds so dumb but they are about the only thing that can make me smile and feel happy!
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