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G.O – Numbness lyrics

Ta gŏ-jin-mal ri-ni-kka
Na-rŭl mit-chi ma-ra-yo
Tta-dŭ-t’aet-tŏn ‘gŭ-ttae nun-bit
Mam-e dam-ji ma-ra-yo
Tto a-p’ŭ-go a-p’ŭl t’e-ni-kka
Sang-ch’ŏ-man jul t’e-ni-kka
I-rŏn mon-nan sa-ram ttaem-e
Chŏl-tae ul-chi ma-ra-yo

Chom dŏ ga-kka-i da-ga-ol-su-rok
Kŭ-daen nun-mul ppun-il t’en-de
Ta-shi gŭ-dael ra-p’ŭ-ge hae-do
Nal ba-da jul su in-na-yo

Han-bŏn-do dan han-bŏn-do
Sa-rang hae-bon jŏ-gi ŏm-nŭn-de
ŏ-nŭ-sae na-do mo-rŭ-ge
Kŭ-dael kkum-kku-go it-chyo
Nat-sŏl-go tto nat-sŏ-rŏ
Kŭ-dael ch’am-a-nae-go mi-rŏ-nae
Shwil sae ŏp-shi tto han-sum-man shwi-da
To-ra-sŏ-nŭn nae mo-sŭp mo-rŭ-get-chyo

Ta kŏ-jin-ma-ri-ra-go hae-do
Sang-ch’ŏ-ppun-i-ra hae-do
I-rŏn mot-toen sa-ram gyŏ-t’e
Mŏ-mul-lŏ i-sŏ-jwŏ-yo

Kŭ-dae-ga nal sa-rang-hal su-rok
Kŭ-daen dŏ oe-ro-ul t’en-de
Ta-shi gŭ-dael ra-p’ŭ-ge hae-do
Nal cha-ba-jul su in-na-yo

Mo-rŭ-jyo mo-rŭ-get-chyo
Kŭ-dael sa-rang-ha-go shi-p’ŭn-de
ŏ-nŭ-sae na-do mo-rŭ-ge
Kŭ-dael gŭ-ri-go it-chyo
I’m missing you
Shwil sae ŏp-shi tto han-sum-man shwi-da
To-ra-sŏ-nŭn nae mo-sŭp mo-rŭ-get-chyo

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