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Doris Troy – Ain't That Cute lyrics

Some folks want to be big wheels,
And stand up ten foot tall
But you get wheels that don't have no spokes,
Don't really stand up at all

Each one leanin' on the other,
Dependin' in every way
Needin' each other,
And bleedin' each other,
And doin' it for the pay

Ain't that cute, baby?
Ain't that cute?

Witness chaos all around you,
Violence on TV.
You want the news, then check your daily newspaper,
All about you and me

Each one steppin' on the other,
Walk all over me,
Stonin' each other,
And phonin' each other,
And bringin' their horse to te-ee-ee-ea

Ain't that cute, baby?
Now ain't that cute?
Ain't it cute the way they smile at me,
With their foot inside my door?
Ain't it sweet the way they know me so well,
That they sleep around my floor?

Some folks scrapin' on the bottom,
Think they're at the top.
While them up there don't feel hardly nowhere,
Don't get time to stop.

Each one swarmin' on the other,
Tryin' to find their legs,
Doin' it all night,
Gettin' their chops rights,
And pullin' out all their tricks.

Ain't that cute, baby?
Ain't that cute?
Ain't that cute baby?
Ain't that cute?
Ain't that cute, baby?
Ain't that cute?
Ain't that cute baby?
Ain't that cute?
Ain't that cute baby?
Ain't that cute?

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