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Current 93 – A Silence Song lyrics

So much silence
Stretching above me
Around me too
Has it deafened me?
Has it closed my ears?
Has the silence itself
Brought about this rapture?
Between silence and sound
Between the cry and the cull
If man raises one voice
I'll raise two then
One for loss
One for losing
One for death
And one for birth

I may hang bloodytorn
On this tree of moss
Though my grimace
Cuts my grin
I'll rise triumphant
I'll rise triumphing
You won't catch me
I fly unseen
Through the wind of the worlds
Missiles cut space
Spearing the starlight
Masking the moon
Wide of the march

Give me two reasons to stay here
Lostlight lostlove
Smudge the tracks
And smother the traces
Of the fires of your fear

Near the
Under the
Beside the
Beyond the flowers
Then further still
The children lie
In silent space
The wind shivers through
Their cornburnt hair

Silence immaculate
If they move
From silence to sound
Will the world shudder
Will my heart stop
In a cave
In her maze
The spring slides
Through my sadness
And my winter

(The stars have now frozen into space)
(The stars have molten into space)

The children wait
Flowers around
Burnish their hair
With brazen gold
And heartred rose
If I move
Then I shall stop
(How have the sightless fallen)
I'll take a knife to your heart
I'll take a knife to your...
I'll take a knife to your...
(And London Bridge no longer remains;
Christ's face refracted through
The sky then cuts up into
Different shapes...)

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