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Current 93 – Time Stands Still lyrics

What then is love but mourning?
What desire but they self burning?

Time stands still
Time stands still

And I know that this is the movement of bodies
Each body pulsing with it's own time and power
Each body alone and wrapped with it's own remembrance
In that loneliness maroon in a stone sea
I heard lips whispering complete
And sent all time in the palms of my hands and my skin
The need for contact
Shut behind the thirteen bolted doors my feet fetted
I dreamed only of the orofices of the watch put there
So that one may hook and twine oneself in me
Continually I dreamed of this confrontation
And it was a dream of the most savage jealous and cruellest match

Time stands still

Though you are young
And I am old
Though your veins flow
And my blood flows
The youth is moist
The age is dry
Yet embers live
When flames do die

All time stands still
Time stands still
Time stands still

Tender grass is easily broke
Yet who shall shake the sturdy oak
You are more fresh and fair than I
Yet stubs do live
When flowers die

Time stands still
Time stands still

Thinkst thou thy fortune still doth cry
For tomorrow thou must die

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