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Black Tee

[chorus below 3x]
I rob in my black tee
Hit licks in my black tee
All in ur house searchin for bricks in my black tee

Verse 1
I hit the scene, black scene in an all black shirt
Black mask on my face
Leave all yall murk
2 bricks, 20 stacks, and 30 pounds of the Purp
In a n****s stash house scraight looking for the work
I'm a lick-hit n***a
All I do is do dirt
Leave a red blood stain on ur all white shirt
? Gucci?-man so gutter, I steal money out ur purse
Lay out in your yard, robbin while you go to church

Verse 2
Ak-47 211 in my black tee
I'm riddin in my chevy
Police heavy, they can't catch me
I rob in my black tee
I mob in my black tee
Switch up and change clothes
After the job in my black tee
N****s don't even kno me
When I have on my black tee
Murder me a n***a
Catch a cab on a back street
I ain't sellin dope
I'm in the lab in my black tee
I always pack a pistol
For them crabs tryin to jack me


||Verse 3||
Yes, see that, I'm peepin the scene
In my black tee
With a black fitted cap
And air max
To match my black tee
F**k a white tee
I look shady in my black tee
Getting licks and sending ni***z to Grady
In my black tee
Black joggin pants,
But ain't no runnin in my black tee
I'm in all black
So I get more shine off my gold teeth
Ain't no hatin
Cuz real ni***z wear what they wanna wear
The eastside never Again ni***z
And we never scared

||Verse 4||
I look mean in my black tee
Stacks in my black tee
Cadillac on Flats
We tote gats in our black tee
Shine in my black tee
Chevy on them 23's
Dependin on how you live
On the Block for my enemies
Pull hoes in my black tee
Shawty says she like me
Cuz I move birdies and
Them feds try indite me
I heared it from amigo
Escalades and condo
Black tees and reg
Talkin s**t to ur stank hoes
Shine in my black tee
Tread on my gold tee
Tbs and bbs
I'm flosser than my army

||Verse 5||
Be dressed off in my black tee
Fitted hat, black gat
And some Solja Ree's
Black rag, black mask
And a gold grill
Sometimes the mask come down
Do it all for the skrill
A n***a might get shot
A n***a might get killed
In my black tee
In your house, yeah n***a
And I'm lookin for those keys
I hope I find them rubberbands
Stacked with them Gs
If we fire too much
F**k it, n***a, let him bleed
Never again
Let a n***a live that squealed on me
Let him kno that I'm a hard head
N***a from the east
With that anger
Inflict pain in my all black tee
Take him to the concrete
Count cha 123

||Verse 6||
No sympathy apology
This is our philosophy
Gotta floss my black tee
Problems I don't have here
Scandlous to the last penny
Damage any cash register
Switch back my hustle
Betta I'm thirsty for next level
With my finese I bless the world in like 60 seconds
And oughta be paid I had to thank like 30 many backas
And at the eno don't see nuthin but gin standing
Wit a can-it santan-it movin kind of
Skidzo i'll stand it with this s**t
I could put the hump with skid slow
Go and see t boi and transform it
To a shipload

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