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We some playaz, we some playaz,
We some playaz, we some playaz,
We some playaz, we some playaz,
We some playaz,
[Repeat 2x]
We some playaz, (bitch)
We some playaz, (hoe)
We some playaz, (nigga)
We some playaz, (get it right cuz we)
We some playaz

(Lil jay)
Lil n***a I Got Them Hands And Got Damnit I Fear No Man
And You Can Tell By The Way I Walk And The Way I Talk I'll Beat Yo Ass(Yo Ass)
You Can Check The Set I Claim East Side n***a Where I Hang
Them n****s There Think We Lame (Yup) Shawty Around Here We don't Play No Games.
Cause n***a We Be Some Playaz Representing Ellenwood Decatur
Fresh With Them Gators Ya b***h Choose Me And I'm Gone Take Her
Soon As I Walk Throught The Door You Already Know A n***a Like Me Fresh Head To Toe
Buddy You Aint Never Seen These Before A Bunch Of Playa Type Nigas Stackin G's And More

I'm a pimp by blood playa by nature,
Keep ya man close or I might take him,
What he say he wont do I bet I'll make him,
And have him spendin money on me till I break him,
You can't say no to this chick n***a please,
Look in my eyes baby tell me what you see,
No love for these nothin a** n****s ima G,
Just tell 'em what dey wanna hear,
To get what I need,
I came into da world,
All fresh, wanna get it,
I'm princess yes,
N I'm all about the benjamins,
Pockets stay fat,
Thighs super thick,
Got the body of a goddess,
Bow down to me quick,
Come here big daddy,
Let me tell you what it is,
Kiss my Impigerent,
And I'll have you doin dumb s**t,
Get pimp slapped quick,

If you try to cross the line,
Go out and get my money n***a don't waste time!

Repeat Chrous

(Cyco black)
I Be C-Y-C-O B-L-A-C- And I Puts It Down Shawty Cuz I'm A G
Never Gave A f**k About Another Mutha Fucka Cause I Be That Mutha Fucka Screaming M. O. B.
Every Day that's All I Preach Get Money n***a that's All I Know
Ride In That Drop If You didn't Know That s**t Then My n***a You Already Short
And it's for Show I Get That Paper, Straight From Decatur That Is My City
Showin And Beating These Like A Killa And I'm On Top Of These Hoes Like Killa
I am A Bad a** Gorilla I am Bout Real As The n****s That Came
I Get In Many Ways All About That Bread n***a f**k Being Lame

Oh s**t gah damnit mutha fuka,
When I step thru da door,
You mutha fukas don't wanna get no mo,
Ima mutha fukin pimp,
Ima mutha fukin mack,
I'm the mutha fukin s**t,
So you already kno,
That I'm stackin my doe,
I'm bout paper mane,
My everyday hustle's my master plan,
And yo man I will take him,
And date him and break him,
And make him fall wet in baskets,
Get a couple hundred grand in my pocket,
Go shoppin, set stoppin, show stoppin,
Cuz I am that b***h,
All these other n****s,
Wishin they could fuk with,
Get rich, pimp s**t, boss b***h that's me,
Givin to the rich folk
Lookin wealthy,
Now I got a car n crib,
It aint hard to see,
Got plenty pimpin sissys
Aint feelin guilty,
A mutha fukin playa,
That's who I be!


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