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My friend assures me, "It's all or nothing."
I am not worried, I am not overly concerned.
My friend implores me, "For one time only,
Make an exception." I am not worried.
Wrap her up in a package of lies,
Send her off to a coconut island.
I am not worried, I am not overly concerned with the status of my emotions.
"Oh," she says, "you're changing."
We're always changing...

It does not bother me to say this isn't love.
Because if you don't want to talk about it then it isn't love.
And I guess I'm gonna have to live with that.
But I'm sure there's something in a shade of grey,
Or something in between,
And I can always change my name
If that's what you mean.

My friend assures me, "It's all or nothing."
But I am not really worried, I am not overly concerned.
You try to tell yourself the things you try to tell yourself
To make yourself forget. To make yourself forget. I am not worried.
"If it's love," she said, "then we're gonna have to think about the consequences."
But she can't stop shaking and I can't stop touching her and...

This time when kindness falls like rain
It washes her away. And Anna begins to change her mind.
"These seconds when I'm shaking leave me shuddering for days," she says.
And I'm not ready for this sort of thing.

But I'm not gonna break and I'm not gonna worry about it anymore.
I'm not gonna bend, and I'm not gonna break. And I'm not going to worry about it anymore.
It seems like I should say, "As long as this is love..."
But it's not all that easy, so maybe I should
Snap her up in a butterfly net and pin her down on a photograph album.
I am not worried cuz I've done this sort of thing before.
But then I start to think about the consequences,
And I don't get no sleep in a quiet room and...

This time when kindness falls like rain
It washes me away. And Anna begins to change my mind.
And everytime she sneezes I believe it's love and,
Oh lord, I'm not ready for this sort of thing.

She's talking in her sleep.
It's keeping me awake. And Anna begins to toss and turn.
And every word is nonsense but I understand and,
Oh lord, I'm not ready for this sort of thing.

Her kindness bangs a gong,
It's moving me along. And Anna begins to fade away.
It's chasing me away. She disappears, and
Oh lord, I'm not ready for this sort of thing.

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  • U
    UnregisteredJan 29, 2012 at 1:36 am
    It's most definitely about a man who want's to be with this woman anna, but he doesn't want to settle down! Doesn't want to get too serious w/her. And she tells him "think about the consequences" in other words, she won't be with him forever if he's not going to commit. She's slowly pulling away because she knows he's not ready to settle down and as she pulls away slowly he starts to fall in love with her slowly. (women- isn't that always the way!! The men never want to settle down till it's too late) so he starts to realize he's in love with her. Every time she sneezes he believes it's love! He realizes how sweet & kind she is... "when kindness falls like rain" but i think he still tries to lie to himself and he just thinks to himself "i'm not gonna break and i'm not going to worry about it anymore". Then toward the end of the song he's saying "her kindness bangs a gong" her love is sooo loud and obvious that he can't help but love her. Then at the end "anna begins to fade away... She disappears"... She finally leaves him and now he realizes "oh lord, i'm not ready for this sort of thing" i'm not ready to live without her. But it's tooo late!
  • c
    cupcake13Feb 8, 2011 at 6:40 pm
    holy crap you people sure do have alot to say..shit i cnt match up to that...yeah i always thought that this song was talking bout sexual issues..i was never really sure and i sure as hell ddnt want to talk about it with my mom so i kept it to myself.
  • w
    WhatTheHeckDoIKnowNov 15, 2010 at 8:58 am
    I always thought it was about a man who is involved with a woman that has serious sexual issues, and he's trying to stay with her, but she can't stay with him. At first, she's a conquest, a sample for his album. Then he starts falling for her, and she finally relents and they do it, but "these seconds when I'm shaking leave me shuddering for days". Then he starts to fall for her, and she can't commit.

    But what the heck do I know?
  • k
    KimberJan 24, 2010 at 2:56 am
    His friend warns him of the dangers of an affair. But he's not worried about falling in love. He tells Anna what she wants to hear, lies to her, romances her. It's no big deal to him because he doesn't love her. He's had many affairs. She's just another in his butterfly collection. If it was love they'd have to think about the consequences because they're married and wouldn't be able to be together or rip their families apart. But it's just a harmless affair so there are no worries. But then Anna's starts to fall in love and she admits she's not ready for the consequences. He is overcome by her and by the time he realizes how in love he is with her...she is gone. He realizes the one thing he wasn't ready for was loosing her love.
  • j
    JetpoweredfrogNov 23, 2009 at 11:22 pm
    You know, if you get hurt by love, often the next time, your less likely to let the other person in too deeply and hold back. Perhaps this is the end result: Denial. People harden their hearts. What a shame because the next time could be so great!

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