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Ch-N – She Walked Out Of My Life lyrics

She walked out of my life now she wants me back
She walked out of my life you she treated me like trash
She walked out of my life now she calls me nonstop
Out of my life, yo what the hell was up with that
Vamoose disa disa disa disappear
Have you seen har
Uhuh... Yo I need har
Tell har, I've been looking I've been looking everywhere
I try to ring har
She say I got a new niga
Now I try to act like I didn't really care
When I call she be like you
Quit talking off my ear
But I did some hard work
And I got my swagga back
Now she calling me calling me not stop

She walked out my life when a niga had no dough
Came home I'm like oh no
She left with my mojo
It took me awhile, but I'm back in the game yo
You must be high, cause you ain't telling me hello
You lost something girl you can't get back
Remember when you call the cops
Kick me out
And change the locks
You think a niga would forget that

Verse 3
See yah
I wouldn't want to be yah
Bye bye
I no longer love yah
Ahha I'm doing better with out yah
Thanks for checking on a fella thou
Vamoose vamoose vamoose a so she disappear
Vamoose vamoose vamoose a so she reappear
Vamoose vamoose vamoose a so she disappear
Vamoose vamoose vamoose Tell har to pack up and get out of her ahha

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