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Bro'sis – All I Want To Know lyrics

Bro'Sis! Ohhhh...
This is the way we like to go down!
Uh, yeah C'mon, C'mon
Let's Bounce, c'mon bounce, c'mon bounce, c'mon bounce!


All I wanna know is are down with me?
Tell me how it is and what it's gonna be
Keep it how the stressing, keep it of the streets
I can make your fantasy reality

Verse 1:

Now we can do this, if you don't tell nobody
We can make it happen now and it can be so sweet
Set your body free, wont you to come with me
'Cause tonight we gonna take it to the highest degree


So baby call me, maybe we can hang
C'mon over tonight and I'll make you feel right
You don't need to worry about a thing
Cause your body's so tight, I need you in my life!

Chorus x2

Verse 2:

Girl you got me where you want me now I must confest
I can't take it no longer, I want up in your mix
'Cause what I've got in store (got in store)
You'll have you wanting more! (wanting more)
Turn off the lights, let's get it started
'Cause that's what we're here for!

Bridge x 1

Chorus x 2


If you want it, come and get it
Got no cash? Well, forget it!
If you got it, then it's on!
Full on to the break of done!
So what's the deal boy? Are you my boy?
Or, are are you just the kind of man
Who sees a woman as a front toy??

You wanna treat me right?
No doubt, want you by my side
Step into my ride, No need to hide
What you want, What you want, What you want, heh?
What you want, What you want, What you want, heh?


Are you down with this?
Are you down with this?
Tell me, Are you down with this?
And this is the way we like to go down!!

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