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Bob Rivers – Bin Laden And The Jets lyrics

Bin Laden And The Jets (Benny And The Jets)

Hey kids have you see Osama
We haven't heard a thing
Since he telephoned his mama

We checked his favorite cave, he didn't stick around

We're gonna have to send some troops to hunt the bastard down

Hey Taliban clerics, gonna make them sweat
They're gonna need those towels
B-B-B-Bin Laden and the jets

Radicals think that he's wonderful
Al-Queda thinks he's really keen
He's got a bunch of goofs that he calls troops
You know he's sponsored by a puppet regime ohhh

B-B-Bin Laden and the jets

Bin Laden and the jets

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Submitted byjopezz


  • jopezz
    Bob Rivers is the first true internet star. Bob is a radio announcer and producer. None of his material was ever intended to be released, but fans recorded the troupe's songs and traded them on the net, creating a star in a market that never existed.
    Eventually, the production crew released a cd of Twisted Christmas songs, and More Twisted Christmas songs. Those were the two produced for sale.
    All others are bootleg copies of a very funny and talented production crew.
    Move over Elton John, the us Armed Forces are talking a good show.
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