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Blessed By A Broken Heart – License To Sin lyrics

Rolling the red dice
This is your final score
Walking on thin ice
Away from the shore

He paid a high price
Gave you an open door
Offered a new life
One worth dying for

This is your
Final score
This is your license to sin

This is your
Open door
And I won't let you
Fall away from Him

Calling out
But you ignore
Rolling the red dice
Is that worth dying for

Crossing the red line
Into the danger zone
Grieving the divine
Denying your savior

Come on and roll the dice
Or you'll pay the price

This is your final score
This is your open door
This is your license to sin

Don't roll the red dice
The odds are against you when the world is on your side

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Submitted byJavon011


  • ChrisFishA-CrossRiff
    These guys are pretty awesome. I'd like to hear some of their stuff. Is it a new band? Is it a local band? I love the lyrics.
    Christ died for all our sins. When we accept Christ, all our sins are forgiven. That includes past, present, and future. We 'sort of' have the license to sin. But why would you want to sin against the man Who gave His life for you? I think the dice rolling is when you sin, you feel the urge to sin again. And that becomes repetative. When it becomes a constant sin (I'm of Wesleyan Arminian belief) you will lose the grace and salvation of God. That's a risk you shouldn't want to take.
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