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Black Veil Brides – Saviour lyrics

I never meant to be the one who kept you from the dark
But now I know my wounds are sewn because of who you are

I will take this burden on and become the holy one
But remember I am human and I'm bound to sing this song

So hear my voice remind you not to bleed
I'm here

Savior will be there when you are feeling alone, oh
A savior for all that you do
So you live freely without their harm

So here I write my lullaby to all the lonely ones
Remember as you learn to try to be the one you love
So I can take this pen and teach you how to live
But what is left unsaid is the greatest gift I

So hear my voice remind you not to bleed

Savior will be there when you are feeling alone, oh
A savior for all that you do
So you live freely without their harm

Savior will be there when you are feeling alone, oh
A savior for all that you do
So you live freely without their

When I hear your cries praying for life
I will be there
When I hear your cries praying for light
I will be

I will be there!
I will always be there!
I will be
... There!

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Submitted bymychemqueen
Corrected byVanja Iić

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  • u
    To me savior is andy never meant to be a role model or an inspiration. He just wanted to make music. But he and the rest of black veil brides and bvb army will always be there to save us when we are at our lowest. When we need him. The bvb army is a family. Bvb leads us. We are always there for eachother and bvb is there for all of us. Their music, what they stand for, it'll help us get through.
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  • u
    For me, this song tells me that no matter how much I have been through or how much I will go through, that the bvb army has my back and the black veil brides have my back, and you will pick me up when I've fallen down. Thank you for all of your help during these past 2 years since my mother passed away. I've been through thick and thin but I could probably never make it out alive without you all! Thank you andy, the black veil brides, and the bvb army for giving me hope when I needed it and a hand when I have fallen down. I am truly thankful.
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  • x
    I think it means that he didn't want to be a role model or someone worthy of following but he will be there for us, even in our worst, whether are hurt or just feel alone, and he will help teach he through his music and he will be the bridge between us anto ad the rest of the world, that he'll be the voice of those who can't find the words that need said.
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  • losermusiclover
    "Saviour" is a beautiful song to me, and music helps a lot especially with me. In the first verse he sings "But remember I am human and I'm bound to sing this song".

    He sings this song as a reminder that no matter how alone we feel we do have someone there to listen to us and love us through anything, we aren't as alone as the world wants us to believe. He talks about how it's a lullaby to the lonely, which when you're lonely all you want is to know you're not alone and you're loved. Despite everything even though he doesn't know us all personally he doesn't want us to bleed out. He wants us all to live. I encourage anyone to seek out other army members and just to talk with them, they're so supportive and it's so wonderful to have a support network all around the world.

    ("Saviour" is the actual name of the song) I believe that this is basically a song meant to keep us alive. Most people would love to say music doesn't make you feel, but to me it's like taking drugs, it makes me so happy and fills me with joy and pride over the boys. I believe that Andy, Jinxx, CC, Jake, and Ashley all have an amazing message to spread, and all of their songs are gospel to how we can help, how we feel, how to break through our limits and pasts.

    Black Veil Brides will always be there even when they break up or someone dies, Black Veil Brides might be a shitty band to our children but if you think about it we all change and our music progresses through out life time. To me I can't Imagine them not being around but It's a very real possibility in the future, especially in 10 years. Some of them might want to settle down. The future is a mystery.
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  • u
    Savior. The ones that once broke you down and want to change, or the ones that care, they are your savior. They want to build you up again, and take the pain away. And when youre feeling alone, that person will be there. And when we think we can't go on anymore, that person will be our stronghold, someone we can run to, and theyll accept us, no matter how broken we are.
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