Black Veil Brides
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Black Veil Brides

The Mortician's Daughter lyrics

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Black Veil Brides – The Mortician's Daughter lyrics

I open my lungs dear,
I sing this song at funerals, no rush.
These lyrics heard a thousand times, just plush.
A baby boy you've held so tightly, this pain it visits almost nightly.
Missing hotel beds, I feel your touch.

I will await dear,
A patience of eternity, my crush.
A universal still, no rust.
No dust will ever grow on this frame,
One million years and I will say your name.
I love you more than I can ever scream

We booked our flight those years ago,
I said I love you as I left you.
Regrets still haunt my hollow head,
But I promised you that I will see you again.


I sit here and smile dear.
I smile because I think of you and I blush.
These bleeding hollow dials, this fuss.
A fuss is made of miles and travels when roadways are but stones and gravel.A bleeding heart can conquer every crutch

We booked our flight those years ago,
You said you loved me as you left me.
Regrets still haunt your saddened head but I promised you that I will see you.

We booked our flight those years ago,
I said I loved you as I left you.
Regrets no longer in my head,
But I promised you and now I'm home again, again, again
I'm home again,
Again, again.
I am home again.

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  • missmindfreak2010
    I think this song is about a boy that loved a girl very much but she died. And how he's singing about how he's loved and lost her. Saying he sings 'this song' at funerals makes sense for that part. And then he says 'You said you loved as you left me, Regrets still haunt your saddened head but I promised I will see you again'. Meaning that when he dies too, he'll see her again. And with the last line 'I'm home again' I think he finally does die. But that's just my take on it; it could mean something different entirely. But either way, it's a very beautiful song and it's amazing how you can just hear the emotion pouring from Andy's voice. Love the bvbs. Wanna see them live sooo bad :)
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  • t
    Okay, so I hate the idea of the whole boy meet girl stuff in songs, but this song is epic. Whoever the song is about is lucky to have somebody care so much for them. But while on the subject, I'll rant about Andy Six. I love the guy; he's an absolute legend and a really nice guy. But the band is called 'Black Veil Brides' not 'Andy Six and his little helpers'. Andy Six is just a guy. Albeit a lucky guy because of his looks and his talent, but still a guy. He is not the main focus of the band. I actually started liking this band after seeing one of Jake Pitt's videos on YouTube, not because of Andy. So yeah, bvb rocks.
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  • u
    The song really means that if you have enough faith, love can conquer miles of space and days of time. As long as the love is tru it will work out. And no matter how long you are apart. When you come back everything will be the same if not better. The song has so much meaning. It is so beautiful and it really speaks to people especially people in long distance relationships. Thank you black veil brides. You are the only reason I am in the relationship I have been in for two years. The morticians daughter gave me home with my relationship and he and I are very happy together. Agin, bvb I thank you. I wish I could tell you in person how much this song means. It is beautiful and inspirational and amazing. I love it and I love all of you.
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  • u
    I feel like this song means that no matter how many miles you are away from someone is only a distance to walk to get to them. That no matter how much you miss someone, you will see them sooner or later, don't fret. Whether you're flying, driving, ferrying, running, or walking, you can get to where they are. And whether or not you get there, you can still know that they love you. If they don't remember you as you did them, they never were meant for you. But if they run to you with open arms, then you can be with them forever. I feel like this song perfectly describes a relationship with troubles, because they're so far apart. But you're trying to get there, to them, to be with them again. You left eachother with love still, but somewhere along the way of leaving, you realized that you were supposed to be with them all along. So you trek out for a thousand mile journey to see them again. To be with them. To hold them. To tell them how much you really loved them, and you couldn't imagine a life without them. That's what I think this song means.
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  • u
    She will never listen this song with me in my arms n she will never be sorry to make me sad but I don't care I will try to forget her but how? I don't know, with this song I find myself, love is so painfull n I didn't deserve that, I just luved her so much than myself n she played with me. She has never said I love you n now I'm listening this song n dreaming you n me, I am still luving you mary n can't forget you.
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