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Bel O Kan – Too Late lyrics

How to smile, how to speak, to be living
When you are alone, and with you
People who are perfect
Everybody has friends, parents to be happy
But me, I've nobody to help me

Leave all this misfortune behind me
To stop cryin', scream and suffer
I need you, I want you with me
I couldn't survive if you weren't here next to me
I don't know if you will be on time
To save me

Now I'm in front of the reality
Alone in my room,
Watching the rain behind the windows
I needed help but it's too late
I was alone and I leave this world
I return with angels, where I will be happy

You wish you had a chance to keep me
Help me become anyone again
You failed in your quest
It's too late, you weren't on time for me
I left this world, I'll be protected
By the angels until the end of time

I can see you
From where I am, 'cause of you
I can feel you
Your despair because I'm not with you
I can hear you
You say it's your fault, you are right
You let me do
Things that didn't look like me


Now I walk this long dark hall
I don't understand what's happening
Everything is dark, is it a poor dream?
I thought I was in paradise
The ground collapses under my feet
I hear a voice telling me "save yourself"
It's so difficult, I see nothing more
Suddenly, everything becomes calm again
I see a light at the end of the hall
I can't catch it, so I fall, it's finished

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