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Asking Alexandria – Morte Et Dabo lyrics

Morte et Dabo...
Morte et Dabo...

So he came forth and said unto me:
"Son you are forsaken"
Condemned for the sins that you live,
I offer you forgiveness. X2

Bow down before me. X2

I'll never bow to he who claims to be divine;
I'll tear down your gates with my bare fucking hands;
And burn the world that you rule over,
No matter how convinced you are you're not a god of mine;
You're not a fucking god of mine.

I never believed in you,
From what I see it was justified;
I never believed in you, in you.

This power over the masses is a gift you don't deserve;
When your blood spills, We'll drink from your skull;
You can run, You can hide.

Bitch, I'll fucking find you!
I'll tear your eyes right out of your self-righteous face.
Lord, I'll fucking find you!
I'll tear your tongue out of your rancid fucking mouth.

Heaven will, burn to the fucking ground;
Your world will crumble, and fall from the skies;
Blood will spill, and rain upon the earth;
Your reign is over, I'll wear your crown.

This is your demise;
I know you feel it in your chest.
This is your demise;
It's getting closer.
This is your demise;
I'm creeping from the depths of hell.
This is your demise;
I know where you sleep.

I never believed in you,
From what I see it was justified.
I never believed in you, in you.

What away to end the world
What away to end,
What away to end the world
With false hope in a false god.
What a way to end the world,
With false hope in you.

What away to end the world,
With false hope in a false god,
What away to end the world,
With false hope in you.

What away to end the world.
What a way to end the world.

(*Heaven Being Destroyed*)

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Submitted byJaybo1594
Corrected byHyphons

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  • u
    I aggree its from lucifers perspective for casting him down from heaven and this song makes sence theres more meaning in this if you think about it and what makes this song beutiful is how it was done in a way I believe its a song expressing the feeling of being abandoned and seeing others justify it with other s*t to make themselves feel better how would you feel if someone took someone or something valuable to you and tried saying I did it for a good cause and try to make themselves sound like they were in the right in the process and the feeling of wanting to lash out at that person knowing there is nothing you can do think about this emotion this song is a true work of art in the way it portrays many emotions.
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  • u
    Morte Et Dabo was written to be the most evil, blasphemic song it could be. The only fictitious song on the record, about slaying god and tearing apart everything in the heavens. A real 'hell on earth' track. Not really much to say about it beyond that. It's fucking murderous.

    Written by Danny himself.
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  • u
    I'm a christian, but I still like this song. I lsioten to it because of themusic, not the lyrics. Every one has their opinion on what theyw ant to believe. Danny did believe in god, but when he needed god most, he "wasnted there" for him, so now he doesn't. Those saying this is a song to worshit the devil, its not. If you don't believe in god, you don't belive in the devil. Its all part of the same religion. I hate when christians say they don't believe in the devil because he is bad. The devil plays a huge rol in christianity, just like god. So stfu.
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  • j
    I know my opening lyrics and two other lines are off but its the best I cud do untill the album comes out: P
    Anyway, I'm sure its obvious the song is about athiesm, or atleast the rejection of god.
    The first few lines hes speaking from the point of veiw of god and the chorus is explaining how well, he doest believe. My guess is dabo means god, so morte et dabo is death of god?
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  • u
    Danny has said in his interviews he doesn't believe in god because he doesn't think anyone could have created all of the world. But when asked where do you see yourself in 10 years he points down and says hell. I feel like danny maybe is involved in satanism which is no problem. I'm catholic but in todays world that barely means anything. It doesn't matter its a good song and who says he's even relating to the devil maybe he's relating it to himself.
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