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I am the stone that builder refused
I am the visual
The inspiration
That made lady sing the blues

I'm the spark that makes your idea bright
The same spark
that lights the dark

So that you can know your left from your right

I am the ballot in your box
The bullet in your gun
The inner glow that lets you know
To call your brother son
The story that just begun
The promise of what's to come
And I'm 'a remain a soldier till the war is won

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    UnregisteredAug 2, 2012 at 6:07 pm
    The stone that the builder refused is a reacuring theme in jesus teaching. The stone the builder refutes becomes the cornerstone, i.e. The leader. Its talking about huey and how he is not listened to, but one day he will possibly be the leader of a movement. Whoever thinks this rap doesn't make sense probably cannot comprehend any lyrics that are more than skin deep. This is very simple to decode.
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    UnregisteredMay 30, 2012 at 5:55 pm
    I think that it refers to someone who is unwanted, maybe not perfect, "too much" of something. But in that imperfection is a uniqueness that cannot be overlooked. And it is a good thing, b/c he/she is not part of a larger structure, but an individual, not conforming to the norm. Inspirational for his or her appearance - provoking higher thought and wisdom. And he or she will remain that individual regardless of how he or she is viewed right now. And, that this viewpoint/person is "the promise of what's to come". And being a soldier may refer to people who are different not bending to the will of the norm - a fight against the oppression and stress of being different (the war).

    I do think that it refers to being black in america, but that it can mean any number of differences (gender, sexual preference, ability, etc. ).
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    UnregisteredMay 25, 2014 at 12:27 pm
    I'm not sure what it means. Of course, id like to hear it on repeat until I completely understand, but I can't seem to find it on rhapsody. Can anyone else? How do I look it up? Is there an album I should be looking for? Help!
    I am the stone the builder refused- Jesus, so says everyone else.
    I am the visual, the inspiration that made ladies sing the blues- just like seconds before, Asheru is explaining the pain the is felt by the person (people) that are not part of a group, "the" group in charge.
    I'm the spark that makes your idea bright, The same spark, that lights the dark. So that you can know your left from your right â€" this is discussing the idea of the " community of intellect", the same idea that makes us believe that we as humans have an awareness of our past, have some sort of memory in the back of our minds the allows us to know, to remember, about our past. What is that lyric? I guess it makes more sense to the next set of lyrics- the last verse those lyrics I was talking about earlier: ain't from the streets of Compton, ain't from no prison yard, ain't got no guns or weapons, hell n***a I ain't hard. I rather help than fight you, I rather hug than swing, I know where diamonds come from and ain't about to bling, ant got no fancy car, I can't afford my rent, ain't even got my own style some times in 50 cent. But I ain't got no bullets, and I ain't bulletproof, and you can take your aim, but you can't kill the truth. Hey yo untie that noose, son we free we loose. I'm sleeping on that floor above your party's roof. And when that party through, here's what you need to do, just hold that mic right to your heart and hear the beat of you.
    Got a heart beat produced by god and boy it sound hard. Etc.,
    This is Saul Williams, btw. He says himself he is not a musician but a poet, pretending for mtv It's new school poetry. His album The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust was produced by Trent Reznor. We have seen what the soldiers of the past have done. Maybe we need a new kind of soldier. BTW, this comes from a white, female atheist.
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    UnregisteredApr 15, 2012 at 2:03 am
    I am the stone that builder refused- which is a term for them being black and the white's not wanting them.

    That made lady sing the blues-new orleans is home of the blues where it first originated in the early 1800's by blacks

    I'm the spark that makes your idea bright
    the same spark that lights the dark
    so that you can know your left from your right-it means that certian person that always there 4 u and 2 inspire u

    I am the ballot in your box the bullet in your gun the inner glow that lets you know to call your brother son-that means the person that is always by your side and pacificly how huey and riley look out for eachother like father and son no matter what

    The story that just begun the promise of what's to come-means that is only the begining of there great adventures

    And i'm 'a remain a soldier till the war is won-means 2 things. 1 how huey is a domestisc terrorist and thinks for the future and 2 to completly stop segregation by being strong metally,phyisiclly and emotionally.
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    UnregisteredApr 13, 2012 at 10:08 am
    I don't think the first line necessarily refers to the fact they are black, i think its more to do with non-comformity. Its saying he's not the same as all the other bricks in the wall, he is one of a kind. If it just referred to being black it would have to read "i am one of the stones that the builder refused"

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