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As I Lay Dying – I Never Wanted lyrics

I never wanted
And I never cared before

I never wanted
And I never cared before
Take it back
This is a new day
I never wanted
And I never cared before
Take it back this is

How I long to regress
To the days before I took upon myself
The obsessions of this world
A day of innocence equating beauty
For tomorrow may fall
And today is already gone
Tomorrow may fall
Today is already gone

Take it back
This is a new day
I never wanted
This is a new day
And I never cared before
I never wanted
And I never cared before

I've grown tired of chasing
Convinced I was in need
I know the years I've spent
Only a slave to this
Tomorrow may fall
And today is already gone
I will no longer adore
These things that will never satisfy me

I have seen my world change
And then go back to where it came
In this vicious circle
We are all brought back to life
Only to die
I have seen my
My world change
And then go back
Back to where it came
But without these barren obsessions
I am simply
I am simply free

I've seen my world change
Then go back to where it came

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Submitted byCrusheader
Corrected byJoffrey Birster

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  • Crunkcore
    To Ailius: You might be right, you are probably wrong though. Not trying to start a drama filled internet feud with you but, aild's lyrics are not all about god. Aild is not a christian band. They are christians in a band. And Tim has said that their lyrics aren't preachy, they talk about everyday struggles, relationships, etc.
    In this song I'd have to agree with Fallenfromgrace and Mandeedollface.
    Personally, I'm atheist so I have no religious appeal towards this song, If it happens to be a religious song, then I look at aild's song a bit different than a christian.
    And again, not trying to hurt anyone's feelings or anything, I'm just throwing my opinion out there. : P
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  • a
    They may not be a "Christian metalcore" band, but they're all strong christians and are signed to a Christian metalcore music label along with bands like War Of Ages, so they aren't officially a Christian metalcore band, but they are a Christian metalcore band if you put the contributing factors together, so don't go telling people off about what bands are what if you don't truly know yourself because that irritates me. This website feature isn't so people can argue about stuff, it's so people with common music interests can communicate and converse on what they think a song they really like means, and what it means to them In their life.
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  • x
    The first time I heard this song. I was sitting on my couch chilling. I restared the song, and got a call from my parents. My mother said "Your cousin is dead. She shot herself in the head." Everytime I hear this song I think about her. She never showed any signs of depresion, and was always happy around me. The song mean alot to me because " I never wanted this to happen" I wish I could see a different meaning to it. She was a Great person. Suicide isn't right, but this time it fucks with me.
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  • s
    In my opinion, this song could be about addiction and how one could wish it would stop. They could be a slave to it and can't end the viscious cylce. The lyrics can be percieved by this such as "say I never wanted, And I never cared before, Take it back, This is a new day, How I long to regress, To the days before I took upon myself upon this addiction.
    The obsession of this world In this vicious circle We are all brought back to life(such as the addiction makes them feel great.) Only to die or loose the addictive feeling.
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  • i
    First off, the only song I have ever seen by aild to have no other interpretation than a song praising god is This is who we are. Every other one has another interpretation. Just because he said that christianity affects the writing doesn't mean they only right about God.
    "I've seen my world change and then go back to where it came." is kind of a shot at people who promise change, because we always go back to where we were before. Vicious circle could be a metaphor for sleeping, but that's a stretch, I realize that.
    I'm also going to add that these are horrid lyrics, and I want to correct them but the link for correct lyrics isn't working. So if it does work for someone, please fix it, because they are just horrid. If you listen to the song just a couple times you'll realize that.
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