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As I Lay Dying – Forsaken lyrics

I've looked straight into your eyes
And turned my head for the last time
Because I was scared to leave these walls in ruin
Like the fate of those who trust in themselves
We are alone and afraid

I know you are the one we left behind
Yet somehow we are the ones who are alone

I will no longer turn my head
I will never forget you
You are the one we left behind
You are the forsaken

We've built our confidence
On broken dreams now left for dead
Yet we've been condemned
To chase these dreams that never end

Our selfishness consumes us
Until the whole world is not enough
Forgive the day that I erased your name
For it's the memory of me that will decay

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  • d
    This song is definately aimed at god, as in the last few lines, even though it isn't listed, says "Forgive the day that I erased, that I erased your name, lord I erased your name." (I listened to the song a few times as I wrote this) To me the song is a confession that he forgot and ignored god, but is sorry and hopes to be forgiven, he also states that he shouldn't have been selfish and ignored god while he became famous, because no matter how many people know about As I Lay Dying, God's name will always be more recognized and remembered.
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  • a
    The meaning f this song is an apology, this song is about orphans and poor hungry starving people in third world country, or even right here in America, what Tim is saying is, "We left you behind in pursuit of wealth and comfort, we ignored you in your time of need, forgive me and take comfort in knowing the memory of me will decay before the memory of you will"
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  • s
    The meaning of this song is that even after we have turned our backs on God, He will be there waiting for us to come back to Him. The song progresses through what many people try in life, going and chasing dreams, such as the "American Dream," which we seek, yet never find, as shown in the line "Yet we've been condemned to chase these dreams that never end." We will never reach those dreams, as we will always have that feeling of discontentment, and of being alone. Until we come back to God (the last verse of the song), we can never be content, as "Our selfishness consumes us until the whole world is not enough."
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  • e
    I love this song so much. The last two lines are so humbling, "Forgive the day that I erase your name, for its the memory of me that will decay." God will forever be known to man, even if you don't "believe" in him. When you pass away, the memory of you will be there for a little while, but it will eventually "decay." One of my favorite songs by aild.
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