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Andraé Crouch

Jesus Is The Answer lyrics

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Andraé Crouch – Jesus Is The Answer lyrics

Jesus is the answer, for the world today,
Above Him there's no other,
Jesus is the way. 2x

Verse One:
If you have some questions
In the corners of your mind,
Traces of discouragement,
and peace you cannot find,
Reflections of your past,
Seem to face you everyday,
But there's one thing I want you to know,
that Jesus is the way.

Jesus is the answer, for the world today,
Above Him there's no other,
Jesus is the way. 2x

Verse Two:
I know that you've got mountains,
That you think you cannot climb,
I know your skies looks so dark,
That you think the sun will never ever shine,
But in case you don't know it,
I tell you God's word is true,
Everything that he has promised,
I know that he will do it for you.

Jesus is the Answer, for the world today,
Above Him there's no other,
Jesus is the way.3x
Instrumental break

Jesus is the Way (The Truth and the Light) 5x

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    Within my days on earth so far, I have come to realize one ever ending fact is that we are all facing a whirlwind of situations and drama producing questions floating around in our mostly overactive minds. Its true that every mans meaning in life can be discovered through the questions he faces and his desire to not only find the answers but to recieve the one and only answer jesus, and that covers it all.
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    Jesus is the only source that can be of help to us in times of difficult. If he has paid off our debt by dying to save us all, definitely he is the answer, I remember he said on the cross that it is finished. Yes every situation has been solved by him through the shedding of his precious blood on the cross.
    Talk to him and he's gonna give you answer to your problem and every situation that is beyond you.
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    All over the world people are asking questions and demanding answers to their questions but I know and I know that only Jesus is the answer. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life nobody goes to the father except by me. So there is no answer except with Jesus.
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    This world is going to hell. And if they want to get heaven they need to get holy ghost, be baptized in jesus name, and not only believe in one god, but know that there is one god! If you wanna be saved from a burning hell, I'm just gonna tell you now that jesus is the answer.
    In a king james version bible look up acts 2: 38. It says: then peter said unto them repent and be baptized in jesus name for remmission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the holy ghost. " god is the answer. And there is only one god!
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