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Ambassadors – Litost lyrics

What have I done?
With my heart on the floor
I must be out of my mind
To come back begging for more
But if you stay
If you just stay for the night
Swear that I'm yours
And I'll prove that I'm right

And these flies kept me sleeping
All my fears on their wings
And your grandfather clock is still ticking
But the chime never rings
And how long must I stay?
Will I lay by your side
Just to say that I'm yours
And you'll never be mine

With this love like a hole
Swallow my soul
Draggin me down
And there's blood on the covers
From the curses we uttered
To each other
You played your part in this

Why play hide and go seek?
Safe behind your veneer
Does it bury your burden baby?
Makes it all disappear
But those marks on your thighs
Don't they sting when you bleed?
It's the way that you are
And the way I'll forever be

With this love like a hole
Swallow my soul
Draggin me down
And there's blood on the covers
From the curses we uttered
To each other
You played your part

With this love like a hole
Swallowed my soul
Draggin me down
And I swear I'll stay with you
But I just can't forgive you
And I'll never be whole again

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    Litost is a song full of meaningful words. The depth of the lyrics is so powerful, especially with its good rhythm. Personally, I believe this person is so crazy about this person that he keeps going back. When you love someone you don't give up on them, no matter what the cause is. This other person isn't giving their full love back. This man is hurt by their actions and he must learn that when you really love someone you must let go. But it's the hardest thing to let go of someone you love.
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    My meaning is about a man who keeps going back to a relationship or person, over and over again, because they make him feel good or special or whatever, but they don't want him for anything more but s**. They just use him. But he doesn't care, he just keeps going back because in the moment it feels good and he wants the person and figures its better to be used than nothing at all. But somewhere inside he feels so used.
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    I believe that this song is about loving an addict, perhaps he too is an addict. He wants to believe that they will change so he keeps going back only to see evidence of continued use ( "those marks on your thighs"). Losing himself to the love of the drug or person and falling back into the abyss ("love like a hole swallowed my soul").
    Despite the dark undertones I love this song.
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    Litost means a state of misery caused by the sight of your own state so he is basically saying that this person he keeps going back to is in a hard time in their lives and it kills him to see her/him as he is in the same situation and doesn't want to see it. I think the relationship is abousive.
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