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Agans Craig – The Grass Is Always Greener (revisited) lyrics

Where have you wandered since the last time I saw you?
To what god now do you pray?
We sat in those treetops in those warm afternoons
Passing that slow time away
And the crickets chirped and mosquitos bit the way we knew they would
And back in those days sitting there away.. It seemed so good..
You could never figure a scheme you could fit in,
Your plight was about the same as mine
An answer then you showed me too late upon the road
For then it seemed like it would be a crime
However long it takes you, to do the things you should
All those days of strugglin' away.. It seems so good..
You'll never return there tho, neither will I
It's a life we both have outgrown
Our characters there have played their roles and said all they can say
And it's too late, our covers have been blown
Besides things there are different now, it turned out like we thought it
And today more than ever away.. It seems so good..
What it was you were thinkin' of, I thought I understood
Away the doctor said must be the cure
I guess the away you set your sights on was a bit too far for me
But unlike me you had to know for sure
Happiness may be given to you if you meet Robin Hood
People they read fairy tales because away.. It seems so good..
Fate can play a stranger game than I could ever guess
Like wisps of smoke lookin' back behind
And if you made it this far babe then you'll know what I mean
There is always a new hill to climb
And even if it's out of a pit that's filled with your own blood
You know that you'll make it because away.. It seems so good..
I've seen confusion pass this way over many a face
It can spread like some contageous disease
Rendering victims judgmentless, fearing for their pride
Waiting for the day of their release
This home we now live in, of plastic, steel, and wood
We are living here today because away.. It seemed so good..
Sallysally@usa. Net

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