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AFI – Cold Hands lyrics

How I regret what I must do but you've left me no choice.
Though I still strain I can't recall the beauty of your fey voice.
Now that I've heard come through the walls a song I've heard many times
I must return all you gave me in the company of swine.
We had found sacred ground you burnt down.

I thought you sang so tastefully but now I see I was wrong.
Your serenade turns to filth when I leave so, please, cut the love song.

How I regret what I must do but you must be replaced
For I cannot go on suffering such simple and common tastes.
When you met my eyes you sang to me of passion, pain and will.
When I blinked you turned away to kiss the hand of filth.
You had found sacred ground I'll burn down

Tell me who will hear your voice, your song,
When the smoke has cleared and the lights are gone?
Tell me, who appears when I'm gone.

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    Maybe it's because a friend of mine has just got out of this type of relationship but what I read and hear in between the lines is a story of a "playa". A guy who flirts and gets in a relationship with you and later you find he was doing the same with other girls too. This song is how you break up with him. You found together the "sacred ground" that is the foundation of a strong relationship but his actions burn it down. Now tell him to "cut the love song", it's over. He "must be replaced".
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