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60 Second Assassin – I Can't Believe lyrics

[Intro: 60 Second Assassin]
This goes out to all the millionaires
Brothers that's getting cake in the universe
Love to all the brothers, you know I'm saying, the rappers
Girl, I can't believe

[Chorus: 60 Second Assasin]
You didn't think we'd get lowdown (60 Sec., bag 'em in the beat)
You didn't think we'd get lowdown (60 Sec., bag 'em in the beat)
You didn't think we'd get lowdown (60 Sec., bag 'em in the beat)
You didn't think we'd get lowdown (60 Sec., bag 'em in the beat)

[60 Second Assassin:]
I don't dig your own style, rippin' up your pounds
Leaving hemorrage in your as, the world turn
Watch it, nigga, check for it, paow
Get it, get it, get down, hit you on the low
In the beatdown, 60 Sec., what, mad on the roll
Or you'll get jabbed, rap, flipping any script
Watch a step, hit, do what you
Come to play out your gut, from another

S.O.M. captain, buck, buck, buck, buck
Like that, as my Earth style coming buckwild
Hit the ground, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow
Head's in the lost and found
The undercover snuffer, underground fucker
Science and they who discover
Who dare come through this roughness
I will corrupt it, you home or section, ooh, hit the rub in this
The wrong way, each day, don't never let in the DEA
Scales only tilt that, but on one way
12 O'Clock's the minute, straight up what ya'll niggas said
Ya'll gon' come through these chambers and pull a switch
The evict, 60 Sec., yo, at your assistance
Boom, Shabazz, click
Another head I will imprint, such blow
Coming at your Chamber number nine, grab your holy rose
Come to glow, it's hell, from the get low
I'm on the low, low


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