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Yung Tory – Dripset lyrics
[Intro: Yung Tory & Yung Jizzel]
All my niggas, all my niggas, they up
(Woo, woo, woo) wah (woo, woo, woo)
Aye, what you talkin' about? We killed this shit, nigga
Aye, aye, aye (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Verse 1: Yung Tory]
All my niggas up (up), all my niggas up (ooh)
Keep that green, Incredible Hulk, aye
Shorty give me brain, I love her thoughts, aye
Got a big fat ass, and she get it from her mom (wow)

[Verse 2: Yung Jizzel]
I know these niggas, they hatin' on us
Where was y'all niggas when I was locked up?
Niggas be mad 'cause we turnin' shit up (we turnin' shit up)
Fuckin' your bitch, got my dick in her guts
That's your wifey but she suckin' me off (she suckin' me off)
I fucked your bitch, now she runnin' it up (she runnin' it up)
These niggas mad, they ain't fuckin' with us
Hatin' on us 'cause they know that we up

[Verse 3: Yung Tory]
I tell a french bitch, "Bonjour" (hah)
Got hair on her pussy, need a lawn mower (wow)
Hit it once, eat it one more time, encore
He was talkin' shit online, I was on tour, yeah
White bitch, look like Pamela An' (Pamela Anderson)
She wanna get high, got a bag full of xan
Rockstar shit, pornstar shit, might fuck on her friend
Tell that bitch suck me and Jizzle, gang, gang, gang

[Verse 4: Yung Jizzel]
Wrist poppin', lil' bitch on me
I just fucked your bitch, yeah, she on me (woah)
Young nigga shit, I be shinin' (yeah)
Jewels on my neck, I be shinin' (woo)
I just want the fast money come in
Took some time, now a nigga up
I just fucked your bitch and got her drunk
Shotgun on me, gave a fuck

[Verse 5: Yung Tory]
Like everywhere where I go, these niggas wanna start shit (wanna start shit)
Run up on me, pussy boy, you know I'ma spark shit (bow bow bow bow bow)
These niggas don't want no problems
'Member when I used to tuck that revolver
Young nigga, old bitch, yeah, niggas on that hoe shit, yeah
Bro tuck a four fifth, yeah, I be in my Coach shit, yeah
I be drippin' on your daughter, walking on water like Moses, yeah
I got a bitch out in Georgia, she so fuckin' gorgeous, yeah

[Verse 6: Yung Jizzel]
I love bad women (bad), pretty bad women (bad bitches)
I got lot of women (yeah), these glasses be tinted (oh yeah)
I am the lieutenant (woah), these shoes be expensive (expensive)
Make room when I step in (step in), I stay with that weapon (that weapon)

[Verse 7: Yung Tory]
Bitch, I got a question, is you gon' fuck my bredrin
I be smokin' dope, I'm in space like a Jetson (what)
Got top in the stu', yeah, she came to my session (yeah, yeah)
She get on her knees, she with me that a blessin' (blessin')

[Verse 8: Yung Tory & Yung Jizzel]
Aye, Jizzel, what up bro? I think these hoes wanna fuck
Wanna fuck? I got some gas, nigga, roll that shit up (aw shit)
The whole room smell like gas, nigga, you know that it's us
This bitch wanna fuck the gang, man, my nigga, she know what's up

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