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Yhung T.O. – The Wave lyrics
Oh my God, I love this beat

You know I keep that stick on me like it's glued to my hip
This a two-door coupe, ain't no roof on the whip
You know my niggas really thuggin', they rolled weed and bent
Nigga dissin' on the gang so them shots got sent
My niggas bounce out, walk up and do they shit
Niggas flexin' on the gram but can't pay they rent
Ain't no sympathy for an opp, so I sent yo' sis
Big bullets in this chop that'll flip yo' whip
I got niggas that just shoot and don't move they lips
White sticks but the bust look like limo tint
And you ain't fuckin' with no rookie 'cause I been on shit
Girl, you fuckin' with a boss, I done been on skits (Ayy)
Big body K on that seat when I'm cruisin'
Ridin' through that V, catch an opp, I'ma use it
Nigga hear a beat, hit the booth and abuse it
Bitch, this a Masi, not a motherfuckin' Buick
These Ds VVS, not no motherfuckin' SI
Stick on my right with a loaf on my left side
Niggas always speakin' on my name, never met up
Up with this Glock and shoot right at your letters
A lot of places to go, a lot of shit I ain't seen
Ain't never leavin' the hood, you niggas stuck in the V
You niggas broke as the fuck, so why you worried 'bout me?
I got some hundreds to get, I got some hundreds to keep
I got some shooters on call and they shoot for the free
Don't know them niggas at all, but they probably know me
I'm that nigga, I know, I'm just keepin' it G
Let me hit from the side, I'll make kids on your feet
Niggas all think they tough, only when they deep
VVS in my mouth so this talk ain't cheap
Old broke-ass niggas wanna hate on me
You in the whip with yo' bitch, I bet she slap S.O.B
I'm a young wild nigga and I put that on gang
I already got rich and I still want change
Brody-bro hittin' licks, tryna find another stay
You ain't never smoke exotic 'cause you coppin' from a lame
Why you fuckin' with them lames? Lemme put you on some game, bitch
Rich nigga hang with rich niggas, you gon' stay rich
Broke nigga hang with broke niggas, you gon' stay broke
Broad day, catch an opp, nigga, let that K blow
Bitch, keep fuckin' with stank bitches and you gon' stank
Bitch talk down on a real nigga and y'all both fake
Bitch, yo' nigga got no rank, ain't got no say
Bitch, you broke, y'all both broke, can't fill yo' tank
Bitch, get the fuck up out my face with that other shit
Bitch, you don't know me, so don't call me by my government
Bitch, think I won't? If you want, watch me up this bitch
You know yo' nigga an opp on some sucka shit
Niggas still ridin', lemme show you what this wave like
K got kick, lemme show you what this spray like
Nigga, free the bitch, I can tell you was the save type
Red on the bottom of the kicks look like brake lights

Oh my God, I love this beat

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