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Smoke Boys – Section Boyz Fire In The Booth lyrics
As**we know because these are recorded in a BBC studio some things are censored by them because it's "too vulgar" so those parts are noted with a dash (-) SPACED in between the 2 parts that occur before and after it [Verse**

1 Deepee]: Boom
buds, in the car seat Buds
by the gear stick Plus
buds came with the nasty Buds
for ya dad buds, for your auntie Piff
buds in the booth cuz of Charlie Big
snub kick booze up a army I
flip grub quick food got, a car key I
get da gyaldem horny I think I'm Warly I
slipped 1s cuh the [ ]?at arms reach Move
from me she is to bossy Fuck
Barclays move, food like [ ]?With
the realest click say they wanna be When
a nigga dick now they, used to par me Most
these niggas be actors they, need a Grammy Nigga
rollin green like tractors I, ain't tryna sit up in no handcuffs here Bob, Marley saves so the jakes don't harm me Wishin
on a change though In
a 1 2 cut 2 plug food focus whippin up a Range Rove' [
]?sittin with my wrist on rainbow Like
why they gotta hate though Nah
real, talk why they gotta hate though 'Course
I'm a prick 69 in a brick got ripped so the cues got licked for a 8-hole And
it want go fast I, got 8 hoes And
it [ ]?tongue roll fast and a slap nigga, run don't laugh When
I clap one Imma unload half On
the roads gettin in the hondos fast I
keep an Am pack like cunch won't last You
ain't puttin no work in man you're unknown I, make a zoobie get burned for a love soul [Verse

2 Inch]: You
be the problem so you play dirty in the section You
ain't from the new gen bro wha, you know about skeng tings I
was in the 7 and nobody can tell me 'bout peng tings Bro
caught that you, can't tell me 'bout brethrens Man
it's not my fault man that gyal up in my mentions Man
you want a feature I'm, in the short-list it's endless You
don't wanna see me get mad headbutt, in the chest thought his name was Zidane About
piggy in the middle I, ain't no middle man Man
ah fist man up Man
ah twist man up Man
ah beatin up crud Been
in the field knee, deep in the mud Can't
tell me 'bout this can't, tell me 'bout that I
was in the dingdong with things that the whip coulda hack She
said it's Mission Impossible so, I have to hit it from the back I
got gyal from Upsuh That
want come downsuh How
you mean rasta, Man?
ah get it cheap man, ah hustler Man
ah got rhymes no busta Now
it's just a movie shoulda won a BAFTA [Verse

3 Swift]: Brick
of the grass smelly, like someone farted Flips
don't talk I, just realized why are we talking Gyal
gimme uck I, do road in the morning Section
or nah you, can ask Warly This
skeng's black like Michael but, this peng's white like Charlie Man
ah like Swift this ain't like you I, don't really see you in parties Let
me sip my juice listenin, to talkin the hardest And
you can get a kick from my Nike boots And
you can get a fist if you talkin How
can the brick excite you lol, man ah just laughin Can't
be bae but I like you lol, you can be darlin They
try I, try hardly They
lie don't believe their wallahis Good
gyal but she movin naughty Peng
peng cattin for my doggies See
a Benz I, need a Ferrari Old
friends need my number calmly Off
ends that's the uckiest party She
dead she need starvin Get
a pound and that peng stay starvin And
if poppy comes through we laughin Do
it for my friend you can ask them and, my friends in the bed that do carpet For

***some reason after Sloth makes Sleeks restart this verse after interrupting him he, changes some of the lyrics slightly these will be noted with a slash (/) [Verse***

4 Sleeks]: I
even got a brick in my car seat/key Man
ah don't tink you man, ah like Rolex movin faulty I
get a brick get, a phone do, road I, never got time for the parties But
I got time for your auntie Rub
dat tryna get dat horny 2
thumbs my hand brake sparky Food
done but, I text back Marky Vacuum
pack stuff for the narcy I
mean narcotics man, ah/we got Section Boyz in the booth with Charlie I
stepped in the booth with my army And
that gyal's cute but she horny/thoty And
we don't really talk too much cuh, Flipz stepped in with the doggies/barbies That
MOBO this year shoutout Stormz and my doggy And
if I see the popo switch gear I ain't tryna speak to the sargy I
got brick in the car seat When
I flood that strip like tsunami Tryna
chop that brick like karate Then
I go to my bit for punani We
do road do, shows with Warly Cop
a half then we smoke with the doggies In
the - with army Dem
man are jokers like Barney Cuh
send a young boy up Derby He's
got both colors like an artist shes, horny I
don't do - that's nasty [Verse

5 Littlez]: I
see a peng peng holla like oi Face
okay but, da back like woi All
day ring trap tryna get paid Can't
reload nah, dat's no joy Trey
got da tre or da sword like Troy Tell
a man can't take man for a boy Move
like Andy got da live toys Still
get a box wit da right like Floyd Man
ah boy dem man dem ah beg friend See
da Section Boyz yea we set trends Splash
Ps wit my bros in da West End Get
it back on my own when I touch ends Got
her calling me up for da long length Gyal
said dey want me n my bredrins Now
nuffa dem man dem are hating Cah
dey know say dat we soon leff dem In
the rental dony I'm swervin Up
in a German I
ain't from Berlin Screens
on man I can't stop for a searchin Got
the sword and the stones like Merlin Get
it low down for the square I'm circlin I
stay certi donny, I'm certain Inch
been my bro from way back tryna, touch mic bro, [ ]?Your
Gs they're here like a comb And
my Gs ride out on street 'round, here don it's go hard or go home Gettin
bands in straight from the telephone Need
no help I can do it on my own We
run tings no, tings don't run we man, ah run nuff man down on the road [Verse

6 Knine]: Still
screamin for my nigga cornbread Death
around the corners Death
for the son that make a boy tryna push me Shot
his thot but it's big like Tookie Bring
my little nigga jook, my friends took him He
be crippled and bloody I
ain't Crippin and Bloodin It's
Section to the blood tryna pick up my cup Put
on the mask and the gloves Insomnia, that's, why nan's always up Clapped
- up I
got Charile and that's soft I
get it packin and then it's gone With
magic like Harry with a wand Giving
gyal bare length then I'm gone I
was the Hit-list no, mask on Bro
got the - turn the machine on Get
hat and your back and your knees up Head
got my hands all freezed up On
edge when I'm off that Amnesia The
gyal can't chat to me either pengs, got a whole lotta heaters [
]?tump up you idiot [Verse

7 Inch]: [
]?set pace 21
seconds and I banged him in his face 21
seconds 21, - 21
gyal that man ah give tekkers 21
gyal that uck like peppers 21
mashers 21, levers That
means your dead in 21 seconds like I need more seconds Like
30 more seconds so I can do my ting Flow
my ting Man
ah never been on no jokeman ting No
broke man ting All
my life I'll do my ting no wasteman ting Wait
oh, what you mean bro This?
thirst must can I get a reload Them?
man are likkle fish Finding, Nemo Man
ah send bullets straight through your key hole I
swear down man I takin the P home I'm
a fa - not unlike CeeLo I
wrote these bars pissed off on a Friday I, guess that I'm Deebo Cause
I get angry real quick Try
and touch me and I flip that script Never
had a German but I'm always on the whip Fly
likkle bitch and she flyin tick Run
through this - [Verse

8 Deepee]: Boom
readies, on stand ready, got, grams September
I preyed 21 lands Fly
in the mornin and the nigga got plans Napped
in the hooptie with 21 grams Misfit
with my peng friend with, my witness I
flipped til I see if anyone lands [
]?kicks in my rock got, home then I clocked how many has got sand in em Night
box no, [ ]?just grinds in em Cut
holes so the grands got bands in em I
know my mans mad cause man did it Ghost
spin ghost but I handled it I
like a pic on Insta when I stand with it She
said she want the third leg so I ran with it [
]?amne' I says I don't back spirits I, just went with whoever got a cab fitted I'm
mad livid these, niggas are actin act, different not, bad and, they act like they actually are [
]?get the feature but actually on Stormz
told bro and them that it's actually ours Man
it's really ours Shout
PD that sound familiar Trey
in got the tre but ain't with it dog Put
21 thingys in your silly car like, what you're really on [Verse

9 Sleeks]: You
know what man's on Long
clip big corns like tampon You're
a man get your pants on Man
ah get - with your bang on I
get it in get, that gone As
a young G I been pedalin 'til the pack's gone Long
pole in the backpack When
you hear slap slap Take
a man's food that's mad prof Afro
in the snapback I
never had stacks No
Ps just a - Switch
back had to gab that When
you see the blue lights better know that man's gone Roll
round with my cab man He's
a bad man better, know what man's on Roll
round with the - I'm hopin to grab man jump, out the caby then run off 36
on 4-wheels I
need more deals I
got pictures [ ]?Square
hidden the car like a black box but, it ain't come hidden in a black [ ]?You
hear toot-toot your, ting jammed up You
hear toot-toot your, ting jammed up Run
or get banged on 21, seconds them man are just gangstas On
my grind stay gettin gwop From
behind niggas get shot All
these side-niggas think they're boss 'Til
it hard and I watch a hard-nigga turn soft He's
a fool see, the dude 'til I leave him in the pool like, 30 burst shot I
chase niggas and they runnin in shops I
don't rate niggas runnin in shops I
stay runnin through gwop like money made tryna, make Ps off a box Amnesia
in a box plus, Section Squeeze on the top Only
got Gs on my block when, you see me I'm with my squad I'm
with K9 that, ain't no dog the, ting busty smoke or god Like
gear, 6 GT whizz round what, Sport
mode press, that down I'm off Feds
can't stop me got, a road block Sounds
like hundred rounds went off [Verse

10 Swift]: All
the gyal them lookin man I screw 1 face She
fucked me like she hate me so I kicked her face Where
the blonde gyal She's? a super-saiyan Peng
peng Dubai or lookin on Spain I'll
skeng for my friends I, ain't got no shame You
can ask Kryptonite or you can ask Trey Back
roads I, don't like the mains When
it's drought I feel so down I, need the thousand eighths Lookin
for a bookin Imma kill that stage She's
lookin for a jookin I, ain't got no blade I'm
smokin on Amnesia I, don't like the haze And
manaman will squeeze if you speak my brothers' name I'm
Section all the time it should be my name If
lyin was a crime then rappers would have to do cage Lit
my inside so is TK Long
time I ain't seen Ty long, time I ain't seen Kane [Verse

11 Littlez]: Still
tryna get it in man, ah been about way before 21 Peng
gyal [ ]?tongue with the belly ring bringin, up tellin me she wanna get it on Move
packs man, ah tryna get the belly in get, the smelly in ring, trap when the selly's on Can't
walk in the creps that I'm steppin in man, a veteran nah, I, ain't just anyone Man
ah get smoke like a birdie one 22s
you be gone in like 21 You
screws and we got tools no, rules man ah fix up anyone My
little don me, and sideman can't really get along What
they really on cause, I'm still hungry won't, stop till it's mils that I'm steppin on Tryna
cop a Bentley for my mom Them
man are just wet like [ ]?I'm
like Terry[ ]?Put
my shoes on do, the road like a marathon South-side
where I'm commin from We
run tings won't hate then carry on Lookin
like Batman when the [ ]?on [Verse

12 K9]: I
got 21 seconds I, got 21 brothers they're all wild and reckless Tryna
build up bricks like Tetris Keep
you up at the entrance You
won't make it to the exit I'm
just tryna make bread quick Baggin
Lethal B that's a Dench brick My
team so straight they can't bend us I'm
an all out front no, defenders And
the feds tyrna fence us Watch
me bounce back like suspensions In
that case I got teeth like a dentist Young
boy my apprentice Green
light make, em start off the engines Don't
try and put hands on my friendsdem Hands
on a big man with a skengsdem Hands
on a big pack I finesse them I
got drugs in the lab not a chemist Section
Boyz bang but, we came from the trenches Big
back Dubai that's a peng ting In
the 8 with the pies like Wiley I'm, selfish that's pathetic

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