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Shane Eagle – Storytime lyrics
Voices, voice-voices in my head say I shouldn't do it
Voices, voices in my head, voices in my head say I shouldn't do it

[Verse 1]
Let me tell you about the neighborhood kids
You pop a pill and disappear, like my neighborhood did
I paint the pictures that I see in my life
Visions of me got me feeling like the bar is in sight
It was a Tuesday, a Tuesday night to be specific
Had a feeling it would be the night I learn to trust my instinct
I was right (I was right), I could feel it in my hands
Know that feeling that you get before shit gon' hit the fan?
They caught me slipping
Two niggas hit me from the backside, took my shit and they dipped off in the midnight
I told my niggas 'bout the situation though, said they know 'em
That's that lightskin nigga with the cornrows
I told Nate, "She an animal shit"
He say "I say we get the gat and watch them scramble and shit"
I said "No violence (No violence)"
I was lying.. (Yeah)
Fuck what they talkin' 'bout, we lay 'em out
We 'bout to make movies like this shit Paramount (Yeah)
Tired of false prophets and false hallelujahs (Woo!)
Y'all niggas be claiming war then staying neutral
I'm rolling my dice, it's all sixes
I'm rolling with foreign bitches, that don't even speak English
You niggas is all sleeping, there's glitches is in the system
This shit is smoking mirrors, this shit is all smoke and mirrors nigga
I checked the coli it's around about six
Drove by some homies, told me they a fan of my shit
I drove my shooter, told me "Nigga warm the car up"
I say "Quit talking shit nigga, spark the blunt up"

Yeah, I'm ridin'
Yeah, I'm ridin'
Yeah, ridin'
Just ridin'
Yeah, I'm ridin' (Ridin', ridin')
Yeah, I'm ridin' (Ridin', ridin')
Yeah, I'm ridin'
Bump this shit, in the coupe one time
I got my niggas rollin' with me in the hooptie two times
Yeah I'm ridin'
Yeah I'm ridin'

[Verse 2]
I'm a lion and I got the keys to open the cage
The one y'all niggas think y'all put me in, that shit was a phase
None afraid of none of you and I am real with myself
The only one who can stop me, no other one than myself
But I'm one of one and I ain't ringing no bell
You just say there's no heaven cause you hope there's no hell
I had to keep my mouth closed to make some Ms by myself
I'm so ahead of my time, y'all niggas stuck on a shelf
Ever seen a fuckin' Eagle turn head to a Wolf?
Ever heard of metamorphosis? Do you even read books?
I'm so out of my mind, I never cease to amaze
Y'all run around in circles, couldn't see this shit was a maze
I had to lose my father in order to find the keys to the cage
It's top five, no debate
Y'all niggas all hanging snakes
I ride around in a hooptie, like this shit is a Wraith
Then pull up on my grandmama just so she can see face
You never see me with no industry chick
I got the two double barrel chrome in case these niggas start "Eagle is on some, motherfuckin' industry shit"
I'm sick of all these funerals and hearses and shit
But fuck these niggas, hope they burn for eternity bitch
Cause all the heat will probably come from all these verses and shit
No lies, I seen the truth, pull back the curtains again
And I know when this drops, I'll make 'em nervous again
Yeah, I'm ridin'

Yeah, I'm ridin'
Yeah, ridin'
Just ridin'

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