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Montana Of 300 – FGE Cypher Pt. 3 lyrics
[Verse 1: $avage]
Look, big wings
On a nigga like the emblem with the big B's
Me and Tony two players like a split screen
I put my shooters on yo ass like some skinny jeans
And they goin' show up, poled up, shootin' anything
Cause they know a nigga breaded like some chicken wings
So for me they get it poppin' like it's in the grease
I have my youngins take your life and give it to me
I swear them niggas ain't right like 50 degrees
Zoro when I cut it leave her with the big Z's
And she gonna chew a nigga up cause i'm big league
You niggas small ball
All my niggas ball hogs
Shooters whack you with that iron like a golf ball
Put a hole in a nigga with the sawed off
Say he want beef but you niggas all talk
But we can still shoot about it like a false call
Body on the stretcher why he gettin' hauled off
And have his niggas all lost yelling aww nah
All y'all dogs should have been toting though
But I still feel like I gotta show them tho
I put the wings on a nigga like he OVO
Even though i'm at the top of the totem pole
I still take the shit wherever you wanna go
And then i take your bitch wherever she wanna go
Fly guys taking off, nigga

[Verse 2: No Fatigue]
Niggas fake as fuck
That's why i choose to hug a pole
Had to bear up
Fill a hater up with shells like he layin' numb
Pockets healthy just like Gucci tryna keep it up
I can hit your bitch just gotta spend the day with her
Give her dick she sport it good, like i'm payin' her
Fresh as hell, be on point like Deadshot
Shawty let me slide in like the Red Box
Got a man ha, I want neck, headlock
Takin' bitches think I'm Future look who Scottie Pippen
Like he seen a magic trick he wonder how I did it
You know I had to bag his bitch but ain't no body in it
No details how I did it
My bitch crazy and I'm crazy I'm Joker she Harley Quinn
I be all up in her water like tryna learn how to swim
Haters tryna block the shine like a nigga rockin' a brim
If the snakes up in the grass Imma stomp the yard in some Timbs
These old bitches hit my line had to cut 'em off like a limb
Got new bitches on my line had to cut 'em all like a pimp
And I got my money up like I'm taping it to the ceiling
I be fresh, swag kill 'em I murder 'em no attempt
Had to show everybody I'm flyer but no event
I pop up just like an ad and I'm loaded like movin' shit
If he try I do 'em dirty just like the water in Flint then
I be shootin after him just like knockout but I don't miss

[Verse 3: Talley of 300]
Fly guy, flew in this bitch with a high side
Why lie? I see it like I-Spy
They want us dead, My god but I ride
I'm a cool cat but nigga I ain't got nine lives
Bitch it's YOLO, fuck the po-po
Don't go nowhere without the 4-0, that's a no-no
Up on 'em like i pop a no-doze
Let him hold those
Bitch I'm a dog on a gold road like I'm Toto
But I don't follow up a chase behind no bitch
It ain't no frito niggas lays behind those chips
I got brothers in the grave that I so miss
Got dogs fighting in a cage, no Michael Vick
Harry Potter with that stick on a snitch
You know how we playin' if they sending shots in them 6
Then we keep spraying
Preacher talking 'bout turn a cheek, fuck what he sayin'
Kill him and it's justified sin, but we keep prayin'
In a world where majority sleep, horribly weak
And they slaughter when they order the sheet
God sharpening my sword and bitch i'm going for the cheek
Make sure I give 'em everything before I'm goin to sleep
Feel this who want a war with the son
I do this shit for my loved ones who don't know what's to come
Hardships, tribulations and they gon' know not to run
God first, load up some guns and store up some funds
When you shinin' watch the snake that's tryna soak up your sun
Yeah they hate it when you make it and you don't owe 'em none
I pray handle what I can and made her wrestle the slums
Why so serious 'cause bitch when you the joke it ain't fun, huh

[Verse 4: Montana of 300]
No Surrender No Retreat Bitch
FGE we gotta eat bitch
Bout to kill another beat bitch
I'm like here we go, I did my part for the squad, now we in it tho
If you ain't rockin' with the God what you livin' for?
I can't lie it feels good when I'm sendin' dough
That's money gram to the fam, you ain't hear me tho
Yeah I was made to get the paper like a envelope
See I turned nothing in to something I was really broke
Had to come up the harder way ain't have a penny tho
I used to meet my clientele up in the liquor store
I sold more O's than a fucking box of Cheerios
Left all the bullshit behind Tom Thibodeau
Rap God in this bitch, like a embryo
And I like all my bitches bad like a billy goat
I put your hoe up on the wall like a centerfold
Deep stroke in that bitch, I ain't swimming though
It's fuck bitches get money like a gigolo
I'm ballin tatted bitch I'm bam bam bigelow
If they want drama tell 'em holla I be with it tho
That's off top, mask up, Rey Mysterio
Show up these niggas all talk Arsenio
Special beam on my cannon like I'm piccolo
Pull it out the pants cook a nigga like he in a stove
Shoot a nigga like he tryna drop a video
Six feet put him in like he pigeon-toed
Punchlines hurt opponents like I'm Riddick Bowe
I'm lyrical I been this cold this shit is critical
Yeah Imma kill it how you want it nigga pick a flow
The illest quotes every line like I'm sniffin' coke
Rap God in this bitch nigga!

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