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Yung Prince – Imma Splurge lyrics

Splurge On Dim Hoes(4) Imma
splurge splurge splurge(2) I

got stacks baby What! da business is Come! and roll wit me and bring ya friend we gone Have
some fun we gone live it up You! gone feel like you in the sky after you hit this blunt now take Ya
clothes off oh you a freaky girl I can tell by ya face dat you a freaky girl now let me freak you Girl
let me rock ya world Imma have you screamin so loud like up in a thriller girl A A! Go! and Take
ya panties off Ain't! nobody here why you steady steady stalling come on girl do it ride me like A
f gay***horse bounce up and down like a trampoline course Wooo I! can see dat I gotchu wet Just! don't Get
dat s titup on my gucci spreads baby get dress we gone gunna hit up da mall and we gone buy it out Chorus!

Splurge On Dim Hoes(4) Imma
splurge splurge splurge(2) Imma

Splurge On Dim Hoes(4) Imma
splurge splurge splurge(2) When

I step up in da shoe store you know ya boy splurgin' pulled out a stack I'm like yea I want 100
da clerk said "Sorry sir you can only get 2 pairs that's our store policy you, can only get two pairs" I
guess well let me get up out of here I gotta take my dip to da crib befo it hit ten I guess Imma have To
go and splurge sum where else where I'm kinda hungry let me go and hit Mcdonald's Let me get a snack Wrap
a Mcflurry a Big Mac dim Apple Pies dim French Fries and a Big N Tasty to top dat wit a hi-C and Don't
for get to give me a straw and put da napkins up in da bag befo I get da snapping Oooh my bad girl Did
you want something Well? I ain't going back you should of said something cause after I max my food Imma
go and get me a swisher and get higher den da moon Chorus

Splurge On Dim Hoes(4) Imma
splurge splurge splurge(2) Imma

Splurge On Dim Hoes(4) Imma
splurge splurge splurge(2)

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Imma Splurge meanings

  • m
    Yeah I know what your saying. He is not really different. Because he kind of talks about the same things as all the other rappers. But he is still good thou regardless.
    I still can't believe he is only 15 years old and he has already came this far in the game. He doesn't even have a record deal yet and he is all over all these lyrics sites and all over google.
    Plus he is from Madison Wisconsin I never heard of a artist from there before.
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  • m
    This song is a hit! I would say this is the best song Yung Prince dropped! It's just so kkool! L0lz.
    They played this on the radio all day the radio edited verison sounds weird but still kkool! Hehe.
    I didn't know Yung Prince's real name was Ahkeem Murphy that's intresting I even heard that he ran the Madison rap game! He is doing it real big!
    He is the only artist I heard from Madison Wisconsin! So he gots to be running things! He needs to move out that lame town and come do it big in atlanta or chicago hehe.
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  • DarkPhoenix919
    Yo choppcity try taking a Grammer class or something and Meechi is just expressing his damn opinion. I have nothing against the artist I have never heard him but I do know that people have the right to say what they want. So what I am saying is leave them the hell alone okay its opinion and about the whole "I dont hear you making any songs" he is a regular person and most people don't release music to the masses.
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