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Yukmouth – Secret Indictment lyrics
Get em uhh what what say fuck the cops nigga
Fuck the cops nigga thugged out what get em
Juvenile as a child but goin to the pen as men
Either Rawkus Isle Four Shone or San Quinn
Where my life end fuck doin time in the pen
I'd rather die fuck time in the pen secret indictment
I'm strikin like lightning in the fast lane
Introduced to the crack game by nigga Jermaine
And get your scratch man
The gats came, the leather gloves and ski masks came
And then the lake on the slaps came
Ain't a damn thang to it
Do fool we just gon do it
Get em for the kilos and embalming fluid
I'm a do it but since I'm new to it
Ask that nigga why you don't do it
He said hey yo that's the nigga I'm cool with
I fool with on the Peruv shit
But dudes sick drunk off two fifths
He showed me where the kilos is hidden at
Exclusive but cuz I knew shit nobody lose shit
They ruthless but if I do the lick nigga we screw shit
So if you gon do it let me know
You let me know what to do with this shit when I get it
Meet me at Texaco and then we'll flee get away fly to Mexico
Cancun the lampoon with the fileco
Illegal drug life we'll live the thug life
Ever since a kid when my father used to sniff the white
In front of me look what you've done to me
Your son is gonna be a thug
Until they put one in me or I'm a see my blood
I need to bust fuckin with the niggas rein up
Soon as we get this lick niggas gon be seein us
Hop in the GM truck then pull up to the spot
Not knowin it's bein watched by cops
Still I creep up the stairs with the glock hot
Kicked down the door
Where the nigga hides the money at I hit his bedroom drawers
For sho money galore nigga I scored
Snatch a lotta gs put it in my socks and the wallabys
Got the kis out the basement left his his shit vacant
But the cops had a nigga on surveillance
They let me take shit they didn't raid shit
But finally watch a nigga make that illegal exchanges
Listen yeah nigga I told yo motherfuckin ass this was a sweet
Ass lick throw that shit in motherfuckin trunk fool
Lets ride to this motherfuckin telly and get up with these hoes
(Chorus x2)
That was an easy lick put the kicks in his whip
Then we hit the hotel six to split the chips
Police will get this shit crunk
Called the nigga that we robbed told em we'd rob em now it's big funk
And niggas like him be waitin for shit to jump with the pump
Get your ump throw the bitch in the trunk with the bump
Then the police told him where we stay
Think we got a smooth getaway parlay
Drinkin Alize and Crysti with these bad bitches drippin on the floor
Til some nigga kicked down the door
And screamed any last wishes in a ski mask trippin and mack grippin
All we had was two gats hidden
One in the bathroom one in the kitchen the ho that was trippin
Started cryin he slapped her ass and said stop bicthin
Now y'all listen give me all the chickens
Before a nigga could mention anything he shot my nigga in the back
Called him a rat and slapped him with a gat
He blew the bitches wig back clack clack
Unload put a new clip back clack clack
Aimed the gat at me asked me where the crack at
You know we had to stash that said it's in the kitchen in a knap sack
Hey let me show you don't do no funny moves or I'll blow you
I know you it's over here he seen the Peru
I grabbed the tech twenty-two out the drawer cocked it back and blew
His fuckin brains on the wall grabbed the caine fuck the broads
Tried to leave out the hotel room and seen the laws pull up
'Freeze put your hands up or we're comin in with tear gas'
Shit I ran back in the hotel room stashed the cash
And the slapsticks and you know through the glass came the gas
Bombs and motherfuckers sprayed likeSadam Hussein
It came to this bitch cops is dangerous
Chokin could barely breath no air police everywhere
So I crawled in the bathroom hide in there
Plus I got a five in there
'Come out or we're comin in'
Put his sight in the air but I'm not goin alive I swear
I'll blast myself 'No son' Nigga back up all y'all back up
I'm puttin this gun to my motherfuckin head 'No put thst gun down son'
No I'm puttin it in my mouth 'You don't wanna do that' Back up back up
'No man' It's in my mouth 'No you ain't gon do no time' Back up
'You ain't did nothin yet' I'm I'm a Pull pull the trigger
'Put that gun down you ain't done nothin you ain't done nothin'
It's the end of the albulation I don't give a fuck
'You got too much to live for you don't wanna do that' I'm ready to die
'Naw Naw please man take the gun down' Back up 'No No don't do it man'
Back up 'Don't do it no no' Back up nigga 'Damn shot himself'
'Someone call an ambulance 911'

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