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Young Jeezy – Get This Money lyrics

[Young Jeezy:] Now would you ride for me baby
[Rasheeda:] I'd ride for you baby
[Young Jeezy:] Now would you kill for me baby
[Rasheeda:] I'd kill for you baby
[Young Jeezy:] Well let's get this money... Ahhh... Let's get this money
[Rasheeda:] Now would you ride for me baby
[Young Jeezy:] I'd ride for you baby
[Rasheeda:] Now would you kill for me baby
[Young Jeezy:] I'd kill for you baby
[Rasheeda:] Well let's get this money... Ahhh... Let's get this money

Where my real bytch? Holdin it down like a rider should?
You fuk with my nigga... Boy I wish you would!
These nigga poppin watch how quick that ass dissapear
Send your baby mamma your shirt, for a souvenir...
Yeahhh... Cause my nicca means everything
Got his name tatted on my body and everything
Keep a bytch grippin woodgrain
5 double O sittin on dem white thangs
Not to mention all the blang in my watch and rangs
And the fifth that daddy dropped on my watch and chains
This nicca love me cause he know I do the damn thang
And I'm a ride of ya, put that shyt on errythang


[Young Jeezy:]
We got stacks on deck, couple chickens in the coupe
Bad red bone thang black rims on the coupe
She straight love a nicca, all she do is bragg
When we got I keep my strap in a leather bag
Shorty wanna ride with me
And we can get money
And when we get done with that we can get mo money
Confession like Usher, boy I got it bad
Every other day I gotta buy ma baby girl a bag
All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend
And a couple million dollars... Ladies if you feel me holla
I said ladies if you feel me holla


[Young Jeezy:]
I got my mind on my money, hard on my girl
You know baby girl she ma world
And she will never tell up that on my momma
She say she loves me and that's death before Dishonor!
And that's the only way we know how to rock,
Go head baby show em the rock.

I love ma nicca tell the day I die
No matter what I'm a be right by your side
I neva snitch I take it to ma grave, long as you got my back
I'm down for anything
If you ain't got a real nicca then you can't relate
Ma baby told met hat these jealous hoes love ta hate.


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