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Young Jeezy – Dope Boy Swag lyrics

This right here is my swag
All the girls all on me swag
Everybody pay attention
This right here is my
Dope boy swag [x4]
Girls on my dick when I dope boy swag
Bitches on my dick when I dope boy swag
Dope boy swag (aye) [x4]
Girls on my dick when I dope boy swag
Bitches on my dick when I dope boy swag

It hurt so bad I need tylenol,
At first though it was the muzik but the pack too loud.
Ask why he ain't have it in the glove compartment,
I told that mutha fucka nigga cause' my strap too proud.
I ain't gonna ask, know you heard of me,
Dial 911 it's an emergency.
Dope boy swag better feel this shit
Ya'll already know I'm bout to kill this shit.

Hat to tha back, matter of fact got new shoes and all

Know how I do it, reppin tha black
Droppin bout 240 an all
Just like that massive strap,
Scuff my shit I'm takin me back to tha mall
Ask ya lil brotha look we always there
Told that bitch gimme all tha pairs

More money in my jeans then ya ever knew ever knew ever seen
Wat ya sellin play boy that's everything lil bit of hard lil bit of green
Lil bit of soft lil bit of clean
I'm having such a horrible day tryin to put in on the beam and the scale
Just broke
This number to high and I burnt the nine and I'm hoping them niggas don't
Smell the smoke smell this smoke smell this dope
Can't even lie god damn he dope talkin like that he kno that bad and this
Right here my dope swag

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