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Yelawolf – Catfish Billy lyrics

Way down this country road and I holler
Where they make that moonshine still
There’s an old man on the porch on a shack
And the shack is where he lives
Round the town they call him Paul
It’s Paul from on the hill
And everytime Paul does lay a hole
You can hear that swing

Slang from the belly of the bible bilt
That motherfucker frigid daughter slim
Where you can find no woman no here
No cousin no friend without a gun
Alabama that is my home
Fucking trailer park it's got my heart
Off in the hood, I make hoe when I play in the wood,
After dark
You won’t find me sober much
Always got a bible of jacky oh
I take my sip, I talk my shit
And I fight anybody that wants to go
Tall and slim, walk with a limp
Cause my nuts are oversized
Fuck your dope and your out your hobby
Cause your shit is overprized
Hit the buffet for a 20 forbie before I’m 21, mathematics
Gonna do jail cause I’m drunk and pygmy rigmey, black magic
Cause I’ll be here and I do my time
Cause I can’t make bail out minimum wage
Nothing to do when the country budget drunk
And watch that pendulum sway
Back in the saddle again
Throw my middle finger up to the law
I ain’t gotta ride nobody tonight
But I might do it just because
I’m a nut, I get bored
Did some pills but I want more
Fuck this world, fuck this town
If I fuck you once, I fuck you sore

Fuck, fuck, fuck, shit god damn
Pussy c***, suck a c***
If you want some of this rocking boat
Take this bite, suck this rock
Just a flock, super hot
Ain’t no law, grab a muck
Catfish on my shit, fuck with me, you gonna get clapped

Catfish billy, catfish billy, hey, hey, hey
Catfish billy, catfish billy, hey, hey, hey
Catfish billy, catfish billy, hey, hey, hey
Catfish billy, catfish billy,

You don’t want it with me motherfucker
I pormise I put you with the piranhas
Inside of the shallow swamp make you follow
A boat of a drinking water
And sing to you lullabies while I’m sipping Coronas under umbrellas
Got a propellor sharp enough to eat through you
You fall to root of a tree, if it’s onto me then it’s cool like it’s movin
So why do you think I fuckin hate it
Or lay a log I front of my boat and put a stop to what I do buddy whatever
When I get up in the morning I take a bow and
When it's all over They can put my body up in the river
With everything I did for the culture
Inide of the book indicted, came from my mama
Who got sick on the fucking thang
Immediately media will follow me to the end of the river
Why the people around my body deliver rhythm renovating my scripture
I’m a sick son of a bitch, do you get the picture
My fucking name is catfish, real it on

Catfish billy, catfish billy, hey, hey, hey
Catfish billy, catfish billy, hey, hey, hey
Catfish billy, catfish billy, hey, hey, hey
Catfish billy, catfish billy

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